6 Ways to Make Your Business’ Restroom More Eco-Friendly

6 Ways to Make Your Business’ Restroom More Eco-Friendly

Mar 27th 2024

Going green is more important than ever before, especially in big business. By focusing more intently on eco-friendly principles and practices, you can reap an astounding number of benefits: you can save money, entice even more customers to work with you, and, of course, help in saving our planet from detrimental damage!

There is one particular location in a business’ physical environment that really requires your attention if you are to indeed be more environmentally conscious: the restroom.

Purchasing our wholesale plumbing parts for your commercial location can already be beneficial, but are you purchasing environmentally-friendly products? Moreover, are you currently engaging in eco-friendly practices in your restroom?

Let’s work together to answer “yes” to these questions by going over six great ways to make your business’ restroom more environmentally friendly.

1.Opt for Touchless Automatic Faucets
Touchless faucets easily make the top of our list. Faucets that have presence sensors are ideal because they’ll only allow water to flow when they “sense a presence” (more specifically, a presence that triggers their infrared sensor).

Users simply set off the faucet with their hand or arm, wash their hands, then won’t accidentally leave them running when they leave the restroom. The faucet automatically turns itself off! That way, you’ll waste far less water and save money on water consumption.

As an added bonus, touchless faucets can also provide a far more sanitary environment than standard faucets. When people wash their hands with standard faucets, they can easily spread germs by leaving behind bacteria, viruses, and other particles on the handles. No handles, no touching, no problem.

2.Decrease Time for Automatic Faucets
While touchless faucets are indeed an excellent fixture for decreasing your environmental impact, you should also closely consider the time in which they allow the water to run. There are many different automatic faucets on the market today that have a variety of timers, but you can shorten the timers, which control how long the water flows from the faucet. This can save even more water and energy as well.

3.Energy-Saving Flushometers

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While choosing automatic flushometers is a great option for being more environmentally conscious, you should take this a step further and opt for energy-saving flushometers. These flushometers have dual-flush operations: one is for a reduced flush and the other is for a full flush.

These flushometers can help you save 60 to 70% of the water than a standard toilet would use! One fine example of such is this Sloan Retro Closet Flushometer (pictured above).

4.Choose Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels
Hand dryers have long been known to drastically reduce the impact on the earth than paper towels create. While hand dryers do indeed use energy to operate, they still use less energy than it takes to manufacture paper towels! The Climate Conservancy states that each time you use a hand dryer, you can create 9 and 40 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. However, you can make 56 grams of carbon dioxide emissions if you use two paper towels.

Not only can hand dryers lead to less damaging emissions on the environment, but they can drastically reduce your costs. On average, you can spend about $14.58 per month on a regularly operating air dryer, which adds up to essentially saving you $60 per month in comparison to what you’d spend on paper towels! And for the cherry on top, you can see ROI in about seven months when you switch from paper towels to hand dryers.

5.Shine on with Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
There are ways to lessen your carbon footprint aside from the plumbing in your business’ restroom. It’s time to “lighten up” by switching to energy-saving light bulbs. Some great options for you to consider are LEDs and CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs).

LEDs not only last significantly longer than the standard incandescent bulb (about seven times longer, in fact!) but they can save a lot of energy and money, too! Just one LED bulb consumes about 8 Watts and one CFL consumes about 14 Watts. In comparison to one incandescent bulb consuming about 60 Watts, those are quite impressive figures!

6.Switch to Using Organic, Biodegradable Cleaning Products

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Industrial cleaners are surprisingly more harmful than you might think– to both humans and the environment. These cleaners contain toxins, like ammonia and triclosan, which can lead to health issues in your employees and wreak havoc on the bodies of water they likely wind up in after use and disposal.

Ammonia in particular can alter the pH level in water, which can make water unusable to people and animals but also cause disease and death to marine life. You can drastically reduce such issues by switching your bathroom cleaners to organic and biodegradable products. In doing so, you’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint and keep living things– both in your business and outside of it– healthy.

Now that you know some key eco-friendly practices to adopt in your restroom, it’s time to invest in wholesale plumbing parts that can help you do it right. We have a wide range of wholesale plumbing parts available for you and your business to choose from!