Breakdown of the R2115 Acorn Toilet

Breakdown of the R2115 Acorn Toilet

Dec 26th 2023

 For those that work in professional plumbing, serving industrial, institutional and commercial clients, what might otherwise be mundane fixtures, like toilets and wash stations, can be highly specialized.

A great deal of forethought and consideration goes into the design and development of toilets, showers, wash basins, and even soap systems destined for institutional settings.

Only take the following Acorn toilet, model R2115, as a cursory example, and you will see just how specialized these fixtures can be.

Built Tough, Low Maintenance

First and foremost, this Acorn toilet is built tough, for use in some of the most demanding environments. It is made from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with a seamless welded construction, making it moderately vandal-resistant.

This grade of stainless steel is an austenitic alloy belonging to the T300 series of steel, with at least 18% chromium and 8% nickel with no more than .08% carbon. This is an excellent grade of stainless steel that is extremely corrosion resistant and fairly strong.

This Acorn toilet belongs to the company’s Dura-Ware line of plumbing fixtures (which includes sinks, toilets, lavatories, drinking water fountains, and more) which are designed expressly for commercial and institutional settings. Many other fixtures in the same line are both ADA-compliant and ligature-resistant.

The durability of its construction makes it suitable for use in locations in which vitreous porcelain toilets would present a hazard.

The grade of steel from which it is made is also very resistant to oxidizing acids and exhibits fair resistance to chlorine and bleach, making it easy to sterilize and sanitize. This advances its suitability for use in institutions and commercial settings by streamlining cleaning.

The seamless construction minimizes surface area, which also facilitates easier sterilization and sanitization; a smooth, satin finish is both aesthetically pleasing and designed with ease of cleaning protocols in mind.

The construction of this toilet also features a fully-enclosed trap (protecting the trap and enhancing the overall durability of the fixture) that will pass a 2 ⅛” ball, subverting potential attempts to damage the toilet by intentionally sabotaging its operation.

All-steel construction, rounded surfaces, no sharp protrusions, and a reinforced wall-flange also make this Acorn toilet physically tough, able to withstand moderate abuse, attempts at vandalism, and general rough service.

                 Acorn toilet,

High-Efficiency, Low Waste

The R2115 model Acorn toilet also meets the EPA’s WaterSense requirements for high-efficiency and low waste.

According to the EPA, there are more than 27 million flushometer valve toilets in operation throughout the United States. Many of these older models can use as much as 7 gallons(!) per flush (GPF), which is far more than the federal guideline for 1.6 GPF.

To meet the requirements for EPA WaterSense certification, commercial toilets must use no more than 1.28 GPF, a 20% improvement over the federal standard.

Replacing aging toilets with WaterSense accredited toilets is not just a matter of environmental consciousness. It has material implications - positive ones - for industrial facilities and institutions that implement them.

Billions of gallons of water per year are wasted annually, which incurs prohibitive operating costs on facilities managers. By implementing WaterSense-certified fixtures, like select Acorn toilets, those savings can be recycled back into the facility and used for future improvements.

This Acorn toilet is also engineered for top-tier performance, and when outfitted with an appropriate flush valve, will operate at a minimum of 25 PSI line pressure.

These toilets are also siphon-jet models, which are much more powerful, efficient, and effective than conventional toilets. Siphon jet toilets are less likely to clog and unlikely to leave anything in the bowl, minimizing the need to flush multiple times to clear the toilet, which also cuts back on water waste.

Siphon toilets like this one belong to a special class of toilets that use vacuum pressure to remove waste. Vacuum waste removal does not produce flush “plume,” and in doing so reduces contamination and streamlines cleaning and maintenance.

Also, vacuum flush toilets like siphonic jet models do not leak, eliminating conditions resulting in deterioration or concealed contamination.

For what it’s worth, vacuum flush toilets also suppress the production of mist and help control the proliferation of odors and bacteria that can make a setting unsanitary and unpleasant - another reason why they’re superior to conventional gravity-flush toilets.

These are just some of the reasons that these Acorn toilets are superior in commercial, industrial and institutional settings, such as correctional facilities.

A Wide Variety of Institutional and Commercial Applications

                Acorn toilet,

This Acorn toilet is suitable for use in a wide range of different facilities and settings, and is ideal in both commercial and institutional settings.

For commercial ventures, these toilets are suitable for use in stores and shopping centers, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, arenas, office buildings, and for use in the hospitality industry.

In institutional settings, these toilets are appropriate in educational facilities, hospitals and treatment centers, correctional facilities, train stations, airports, and more.

Additionally, the Acorn R2115 toilet is also suitable for use in facilities in parks and other recreational locations.

A History of Excellence in Acorn Toilets

The model R2115 on-floor siphon jet toilet is only one of many Acorn toilets that are specialized for commercial and institutional deployment. There are countless others in their catalog, many of which are even more vandal  and ligature-resistant than this one.

For the better part of the last century, Acorn Engineering has been producing high-quality plumbing fixtures, valves, and parts for commercial, industrial, and institutional use, many of which are made in the United States.

Their catalog includes but is not limited to toilets, urinals, handwashing stations, hydrant boxes, drinking fountains, showers and shower bases, and a wide array of safety showers. The company has even developed an Electronic Water Management System.

Acorn Engineering plumbing fixtures, parts and products are well-represented here at Quality Plumbing Supply, alongside many of the other leading names in the industry.

We offer competitive prices and shipping and top-tier customer service. If you’re looking for a new professional provider of commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing fixtures and parts, make an account with us today or contact us directly at 1-833-251-4591.