Bradley Shower Valves Industry’s Best, and Here’s the Evidence

Bradley Shower Valves Industry’s Best, and Here’s the Evidence

Dec 21st 2023

Since 1917, Bradley Corporation has been engineering and re-thinking quality in commercial plumbing fixtures and parts. From the first Bradley “wash fountain” in 1917, to a wide range of advanced lines of enclosed safety showers, ligature-resistant fixtures, toilet partitions, and washroom accessories, the Bradley name is a mark not only of quality but innovation.

That pioneering spirit is evident in everything Bradley Corporation produces, from the plainest sink to the most advanced, modern Bradley mixing valves.

Among the many products in its catalog are its shower valves. Here are all the reasons Bradley shower valves deliver quality and why it makes a difference.

Bradley Shower Valves: Quality Delivered

Every institution and many industrial, commercial, and public education facilities need high-quality commercial shower fixtures that are designed to stand up to the rigors of hard use.

Bradley shower valves are engineered to do just that. Many of their shower valves are not ADA-compliant and easy to manipulate, but also vandal-resistant.

These two considerations are primary ones for many public institutions, which are bound by regulation to provide access to those with disabilities, as well as those that have a need to install high-quality plumbing fixtures that can tolerate not only unforgiving use and high traffic, but also deliberate user attempts to damage them.

Abuse is a serious concern with respect to plumbing fixtures in public institutions, prisons, and other industrial settings, and rough use can compound on normal wear and tear to shorten the lifespan of commercial plumbing parts, especially moving parts like shower valves.

In certain circumstances, such as in prisons and healthcare facilities in which treatment is provided to those with behavioral issues, the implementation of ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures (like shower valves and showerheads) represents a crucial first step in self-harm intervention, as well.

Bradley shower valves are also built with high-quality materials. Many of their parts are made with extremely heavy-duty, durable stainless steel and brass construction that is both physically tough and chemically resistant, limiting the influence of corrosion and enjoying a greater service lifespan.

The parts of Bradley shower valves are also built tough. Select models are made with stainless steel balancing pistons that are as corrosion-resistant as the valve bodies and handle levers themselves.

Some of these shower valves exhibit a fusion of technological advancement and old-school durability. Some are even equipped with digital displays.

Many Bradley shower valves are ASSE 1016 compliant and equipped with thermostatic mixing valves that mix hot and cold water to the desired temperature, according to the bather’s (or attendant’s) controls.

The company also produces pressure-balancing mixing valves that are easy to adjust for both temperature and volume, and which also exhibit durable construction, ease of installation, and simple maintenance.

Select shower valves from their catalog of pressure balancing valves are made with reliable ceramic cartridges that have no wearing parts, along with tamper-resistant limit stops that secure the fixture and prevent unauthorized interference.

Bradley Corporation also produces air metering valves that are ADA-compliant and which deliver reliable metering performance. These pneumatically-operated valves offer adjustable timing (many between 5 and 45 seconds), and have valve bodies made of solid forged brass, with chrome-plated brass push buttons and corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated timers.

Other Bradley shower valves, like their 50B metering valves, which feature a chrome-plated valve body, are highly effective at conserving water and energy. They also feature special ruby orifices that have self-cleaning mechanisms.

Shower valves like these latter two options are practical for implementation in situations in which water consumption is a prime concern. They help minimize both water and energy waste.

Bradley Corporation also produces high-quality TouchTime Electronic Metering Valves that allow for precise, reliable electronic metering of water usage. They operate at a safe low voltage and are available with either mechanical or Piezo switch push-button controls. Metering valves like these are a suitable choice in situations in which installers want to minimize water consumption and protect users from scalds.

Their catalog also contains compression valves that are not only extremely vandal-resistant, they offer both hot and cold or tempered supply options.

            Bradley shower valves

Bradley Corporation supports these high-quality shower valves with accessory parts and fittings, like lead-free thermostatic mixing valves; in fact, it was the first company to offer them.

Moreover, many of their shower valves are not only easy to install, but easy to service, minimizing plumbing maintenance costs for facilities managers who simply don’t need another headache.

This lineup of high-quality Bradley shower valves compliments an inventory of advanced plumbing products that also contains wall showers (including pivoting, barrier-free wall showers), in-wall showers, panel showers, column showers, showerheads, ligature-resistant soap systems, and ablution fixtures, among other thoughtfully-designed, ADA-compliant plumbing fixtures intended to be used in commercial, industrial, educational, institutional, and public settings.

Bradley showers, valves, and other plumbing fixtures and parts are designed for accessibility, reliability, safety, and ease-of-use, installation, and maintenance. They produce a variety of replacement parts for their showers, valves, and washbasins, along with a large corpus of reference and educational materials, making it easier for their industrial, commercial, and government buyers and contractors to make repairs to their plumbing systems.

Need Bradley Shower Valves or Replacement Parts?

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For those of our customers that service facilities in which Bradley Corporation showers are installed, we carry a wide range of Bradley shower valves and a full line of replacement parts.

We carry official Bradley shower systems, cartridges and stems, check stops and integral stops, controls, face plates, handles and parts, deep rough kits, thermostatic cartridges, solenoid parts, and other valve parts and repair kits, all at competitive prices.

From the huge inventory of our 10,000sf warehouse, we also provide shipping to all 50 U.S. states and most territories. All of this is backed by 40 years of experience in the commercial plumbing industry, and supported by peerless customer service.

If you have questions about any official Bradley repair parts or shower systems, please feel free to contact us before you buy. You can reach us at 1-833-251-4591 or at