Urinal Part Failures and Other Problems

Urinal Part Failures and Other Problems

Dec 26th 2023

Many manufacturers produce plumbing fixtures that will only accept specific commercial plumbing parts. At least some of them (like Sloan) also publish comprehensive guides detailing what to look for when something goes wrong and how to replace it.

Of course, you’ll still need a bit of background knowledge and naturally, you’ll also need a partner to supply you with the highest quality commercial plumbing parts available.

If you’re troubleshooting an issue with a commercial flushometer, check here first and if you can’t find the information or the parts you need easily, get in touch with us at 1-833-251-4591.

Addressing a Leaking Flush Valve with Commercial Plumbing Parts
A common problem with urinals is a leaking flush valve. There are multiple reasons that flushometers might leak and not all of them indicate that a commercial plumbing part needs to be replaced. Nonetheless, here are some common causes and what you can do.

First, you’ll want to assess the nature and source of the leak. If the leak is issuing from the handle of the flushometer, it’s likely that the handle seal or assembly is damaged or worn; it might also be dirty or obstructed with debris, in which case cleaning it might restore it.

If the washer that keeps the handle seal is the only damaged component, you may simply be able to replace that; otherwise, you may need to replace the entire handle assembly.

If the flushometer is leaking at the tailpiece, you may need to replace the O-ring that maintains the seal. Similarly, if the flushometer contains a control adjustment screw and appears to be leaking near it, you may need to replace the O-ring inside of the control stop.

Another type of leak is a leak from the flushometer cover. If your flushometer cover appears to be leaking, it is likely caused by wear to the cover gasket, in which case the gasket will need to be replaced. However, it is also possible that the cover itself is not cracked or is improperly tightened. In the former instance, it will need to be replaced; in the latter, you will need to shut off the water and properly tighten the cover.

Flushometer Continuously Runs
A flushometer, regardless of its design and operation, is designed to shut off mechanically as long as the water line pressure is adequate. However, even with adequate water pressure, there are numerous reasons that a flushometer might fail to shut off and continuously run. Addressing these issues will require an approach based on the type of flushometer - that is, whether it is a diaphragm or piston flushometer.

●For piston flushometers: There are three likely causes that piston flushometers will continuously run (that are not tied to water pressure). One of these is a degraded relief valve seat, and the other two are related to debris, which may either obstruct the bypass or the piston itself.

If the issue is a degraded relief valve seat, you’ll need to replace the piston assembly. If you can clean the piston or bypass or flush them out, that may solve the problem without needing to replace any commercial plumbing parts.

●For diaphragm flushometers: Many of the reasons that a diaphragm flushometer might fail to shut off are similar to those described above. In some instances, the diaphragm assembly might be worn or damaged, in which case it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, it is likely that there is debris blocking the bypass or stuck under the diaphragm, in which case it may be possible to restore the assembly’s functionality without replacing any parts.

Chattering or Rumbling During Shutoff
Another common issue with commercial flushometers is the occurrence of chattering, rumbling, or other noise during shutoff, which typically indicates either a problem with water pressure or an issue with internal components.

If you can rule out water pressure, there is a chance that (for piston flushometers) the piston seal has worn down, in which case it will need to be replaced. Chattering or rumbling can also be caused by water flowing through loose plumbing connections, which may either need to be tightened or replaced entirely.

Additional Problems
It is also possible that you could experience the following issues which may not necessarily require the replacement of commercial plumbing parts, but which will need to be addressed all the same.

●Low water pressure

Low water pressure can prevent flushometers from working entirely and must be addressed right away, as it can also be a sign of broken pipes somewhere in the building.

Silent leaks

A silent leak is a leak that occurs somewhere out of sight, typically somewhere behind the walls. These leaks can hinder the fluid operation of commercial plumbing systems and worse, can cause extensive property damage.

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