Delany Repair Kits for Flushometers: Maintenance Tips

Delany Repair Kits for Flushometers: Maintenance Tips

Apr 11th 2022

Your Delany flushometers are built for efficiency and reliability. With proper care, they’re expected to serve you for a long time. This is where Delany repair kits can help you not only in making sure your flushometers are always in tip-top condition but also in cutting your maintenance time in half. If you need tips to extend the life of your flushometers, this article is for you.

How to Extend the Life of Your Flushometers
Regular maintenance of your flushometer plays an important role in its longevity. Property and facility managers and maintenance staff should be able to spot potential problems or even perform basic fixes, especially for high-traffic restrooms.

A busy commercial restroom is estimated to have at least 4,000 flushes a month. Assuming there is continuous high usage of the restroom, that translates to about five years of toilet lifespan. You may need to replace parts of your toilet after this period.

The brass parts of flushometers are made to last for decades but the interior parts will need replacements from wear and tear damages.

Delany flushometers are built to last for a long time, and with proper preventative maintenance, your flushometers and their parts will last for more than five years.

Preventative maintenance is about solving problems before they occur. You need to regularly examine and service your flushometers and replace parts at the first sign of any problem.

Keep a careful record of the precise installation date, model, and location, as well as any maintenance performed or parts replaced. Having Delany repair kits for your Delany flushometers will help a lot. There is wisdom in performing repairs immediately and not waiting for bigger repairs and problems to come.

Factors that Affect Lifespan of Flushometers
Some factors that affect potential problems that may arise include:

Water quality
How corrosive the water is can affect the strength of all rubber internal parts of flush valves. If there are solid particles like sands and sediments also, they also affect the sealing mechanism of the flushometer and contribute to the wear and tear of the valve seat. The water particulates may also clog tiny holes inside.

Overall, if the quality of the water from your supply is good, your flushometers will have a longer life span.

High traffic
High traffic means more flushes. The wear and tear will shorten your flushometers’ life span.

Abuses like kicking and strong handling of handles can have a negative impact on the longevity of your flushometers.

Improperly installed flushometers can also affect the performance and the life cycle of the flushometer.

Replacement parts
Replacing with genuine parts can help keep flushometers running efficiently for a long time. While it may be tempting to save money in the short term by purchasing lower-cost parts, you may be sacrificing both performance and lifespan. Using lower-quality parts could result in increased wear and tear, as well as higher repair costs down the line.

Make sure you use genuine parts only when replacing or repairing parts. Check out our Delany flushometer replacement parts. We accept bulk orders and offer free shipping for orders $99.00 and over.

Preventative maintenance, proper installation, and replacement with high-quality parts will guarantee that your building's flushometers continue to function as intended for many years.

All of these can significantly lengthen the life of a flushometer, lower the cost of repairs and replacements, as well as remain efficient in saving water and lowering water expenses.

Common Flushometer Problems
Following are some of the most common problems and signs that you may need to replace parts of your flushometers.

Too short or too long flushing
Too little flushing usually means the diaphragm and guide assemblies aren't hand tight or have corrosion or damage. Tightening assemblies may be enough to fix this type of problem. If not, you may need to install or replace the valves with genuine Delany parts.

Insufficient volume of water
There are a variety of reasons for the lack of enough flush water. One possibility is that the flushometer's control stop is not properly open. A flushometer that isn't designed for or compatible with a particular model might also result in a lack of water volume.

Abrupt closing of flushometer
The abrupt and rapid closures of flushometers are another common issue. Flushometers that shut off right away usually signify that their diaphragm has been severely damaged or burst. They can also be because of an enlarged by-pass opening as a result of corrosion that may be due to bad water quality.

Malfunctioning flushometer
When your flushometers suddenly stopped working, it could be because of the main valve closing or clogging. A worn-out handle assembly and relief valve could also be the reason for a malfunctioning flushometer.

You may need to open the control valve or main valve and unclog its components to address this problem. You may also need to replace any components that have deteriorated or suffered damage.

Quality Plumbing Supply has Delany repair kits that you can use when unexpected problems occur. It saves you time and possible extra expenses from delaying actions. It will prove its worth if you have high-traffic restrooms where not having downtime is critical.

Contact us at 1-833-251-4591 or via email if you need assistance or if you need help picking other repair or replacement parts. We’re always ready to help!