Four Interesting Technical Marvels of Delany Equipment

Four Interesting Technical Marvels of Delany Equipment

Mar 3rd 2022

Delany Products, a preeminent producer of flushometers and flush valves, has been in business for over 130 years. Since 1879, they’ve been producing dependable, quality flushometers and flush valves for plumbing professionals around the world and its name has been synonymous with quality since its beginnings.

One of the hallmarks that define the brand is a commitment to innovation. Continuous improvement typifies Delany Products, and to this day, the company is notable for having created features or improvements that have not been matched by the competition.

This article will address some of their more notable innovations, which are present in many Delany flushometers and have yet to be bested.

The Delany Products Regulation Screw
The Delany Products Regulation Screw was invented in 1948 and has yet to be bested. It works by allowing you to adjust the timing of the flush valve. How efficiently a flushometer works is determined by two things: the bypass orifice size and the distance through which the piston or diaphragm travels.

Most producers fix this relationship between the size of the orifice and the distance the piston or diaphragm travels, making it impossible to adjust in the field. That is to say, most flushometers will use a certain amount of water per flush, no matter what.

Only Delany Products have produced a superior model that enables this relationship to be adjusted. The Regulation Screw, which is accessed through the top cap cover of the flushometer, can be adjusted in the field with a screwdriver. Raising the screw causes the piston or diaphragm to travel farther and therefore sink more slowly; lowering the screw decreases the distance the diaphragm must travel and shortens the cycle.

But why does this all matter? Because the Regulation Screw is the only adjustable flushometer feature in the industry that can be directly manipulated in the field to improve water conservation efforts.

The Rubberflexer
Many flushometers have handle assemblies that are spring-loaded. While these are serviceable in most scenarios, they suffer from a pretty significant drawback: they can leak. Especially as they age, over time, the waterproof construction of flushometer handle assemblies tend to break down.

Delany Products have solved this issue. In fact, they did so all the way back in 1956, and to date, they are the only equipment manufacturer that has successfully done so. The solution to the problem of leaky flushometer handles comes in the form of a unique device, aptly named the “Rubberflexer.”

The Rubberflexer is a non-spring-loaded assembly that allows water to enter through the handle pad. This causes the Rubberflexer to expand against the handle pad, sealing it. It is the industry’s only non-spring loaded handle and it is leak-free - as evidenced not only by testing but by extensive customer testimonials.

It’s also easy to maintain and repair. The EPDM Rubberflexer may break down over time and need to be replaced, but it will not leak and is chloramine resistant, unlike some polymers. It is even ADA compliant.

                      Delany Products

The Removable Main Valve Seat
Flushometers suffer from a condition known as wire draw, in which the valve’s ability to remain sealed is compromised by erosion or scoring. This diminishes the ability of the valve, and many manufacturers use an iron valve seat that either cannot be replaced or cannot be easily replaced. When these valves fail, the whole part must be replaced.

Instead, Delany Products use a removable main valve seat made of Delrin plastic that affixes and tightens via threads. When this valve seat suffers due to wire draw, the plastic valve seat can be easily replaced (and cost-effectively) without the need to replace the whole valve. The ability to remove the valve seat also means that there are no obstructions during the process of flushing the valve.

The Mashaearator
The Mashaerator is a simple enough device that helps to keep large debris away from the bypass during a flush cycle. It consists of a wire and a loop that pass through the bypass. The Mashaerator moves up and down during a flush cycle, preventing large debris from obstructing the bypass and helping smaller particles to pass through, thereby eliminating obstructions and helping to prevent the flushometer from running continuously.

The Delany TruStop
The control stops in flush valves, which either allow or prevent water from flowing through the valve, are prone to failure over time. Unfortunately, when they fail, replacing them can be costly and time consuming since the replacement requires water supply to the valve to be shut off - in some cases, replacing this part may even require water supply in the entire building to be shut off.

Delany’s TruStop contains a patented ball valve that fits inside of the flush valve. Rather than halting the water supply to an entire floor or building, the TruStop enables water to be shut off at the stop in order to replace the backcheck. The ball valve will last for many years, decades even, allows for easy shut off, and can be retrofitted to many models from leading manufacturers.

Get the Best of Both Worlds
Delany also sells a wide range of sensor operated products, including a side-mounted, hands-free actuator that is compatible with manual valves, enabling them to be converted into sensor-operated systems. Upgrading to a touch-free system improves hygiene and cleanliness, the importance of which have become even more prominent in recent times, and Delany offers a wide range of sensor-actuated products to support these processes.

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Do you have additional questions about how any of these proprietary features of Delany Products work, or can improve your processes? Perhaps you’re interested in replacing some of your current plumbing infrastructure with Delany parts. If so, you may have questions regarding compatibility or interoperability.

Our plumbing experts have more than 30 years of experience in this industry and Delany is one of the top names we sell. If you have any questions regarding Delany products or parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us know how we can help and we’d be more than happy to extend our experience to your benefit!