Urinal Keeps On Running? You Need Delany Plumbing Repair Kits

Urinal Keeps On Running? You Need Delany Plumbing Repair Kits

Mar 21st 2022

In most commercial restrooms, urinals are the chief plumbing fixtures than toilets because they are easier to maintain and they help maximize space in small men's rooms. Urinals, however, aren't immune to common plumbing problems.

If your urinal keeps on running, you may need to replace some parts, and having Delany plumbing repair kits will help a lot.

If you have repair kits handy, you can deal with the problem immediately. Delay usually results in higher repair expenses when the problem gets out of hand. The good news is that repairing a running urinal is relatively simple.

What Causes Urinals to Keep Running?
What causes this to happen? Toilets are normally reliable, but every now and again, they malfunction. It's not uncommon to find a toilet that is either broken or always running in public restrooms and commercial buildings.

When this happens, the diaphragm is usually the source of the problem. The diaphragm in the flushometer flushes by moving up and down. A little quantity of dirt can get lodged behind the diaphragm, causing it to stay open after a flush or causing it to wear out.

Given how frequently commercial and public restrooms are used, it's reasonable for urinal components to sometimes require repair and replacement.

Types of Urinal Flushometers
All types of urinal flushometers use the same basic design components and mechanical concepts to function. However, there are various varieties that are distinguished by their characteristics. The repair you'll need to do depends on the types of urinal flushometers you have. Following are the three types of flush valves and flushometers.

Manual flushometers are flushometers with a classic design that includes a lever to activate a flush.

Push-button flushometers replace the typical lever with a push button that can be mounted on the instrument or connected to it through tubes and placed nearby. They work the same way as manual flushometers.

Touchless or automatic flushometers employ an infrared sensor or another device to electronically activate a flush without forcing the user to touch any component of the machine.

How to Fix a Urinal That Keeps Flushing?
Check the kind of flushometers you have and follow the repair guide below.

Manual Flushometer
1. First, you'll need to turn the water supply off. There is a slot for the screwdriver on either side of the flushometer, whether it's pointing left or right. Turn the screwdriver slot with a flat screwdriver to turn the water off.

2. Remove the top lid of a flushometer with a wrench. You can remove the lid immediately after loosening the top with the wrench.
3. Remove the flange cover from the flange.

4. Look for a sediment-covered gasket. The weep hole in it is what causes a flushometer to keep on flushing.

5. Remove and clean the gasket, paying special attention to the weep hole and making sure not to widen it.

6. After cleaning the gasket, put it back and carefully replace the flange cover.

7. Put the flushometer's top lid back and turn the screwdriver slot to turn the water back on.

Automatic Flushometer
Consult your manual for the exact steps for repairing the model you have. The steps below, however, should still guide you through repairing automatic flushometers regardless of the exact model.

1. You should be able to see a screwdriver slot whether your flushometer is on the right or left. Use a flat screwdriver to turn it.

2. Hold the chrome button down for a few seconds. Listen for two clicks separated by two seconds. If you hear this, the diaphragm has to be cleaned or replaced. By removing the flushometer's cover, you may further examine it.

3. Finish by tightening the solenoid. On the solenoid, look for any double stacked or rings. If you've already serviced it, you should have a professional take a look at it.

4. Remove the flush head's screw. Turn it slightly to loosen it and remove the flush head cap.

5. Locate the diaphragm and replace it with a new one. Having Delany plumbing repair kits at hand will be helpful in this case.

6. Put the flush head back and tighten the flushometer in place. This will restore the urinal's water supply.

After the water has been turned back on, flush the toilet to check if the issue has been resolved. Wipe down the joints with a cloth before flushing, and check for leaks during and after the flush. If you see a leak, tighten the joints and flush the system again.

Your urinal flushometers should be working smoothly again.

Where to Find Delany Plumbing Repair Kits
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