Why Touchless Bathroom Fixtures Are Becoming A Staple In The Industry

Why Touchless Bathroom Fixtures Are Becoming A Staple In The Industry

May 2nd 2022

By now, most of us are used to seeing sensor faucets in every other public restroom. Nobody alive today can say they're amazed when watching a toilet seat flush by itself when we exit the stall, or when water comes out of the spout as soon as we place our hands below it. Right now these things are a given in public environments.

However, many homes are adopting this technology as it becomes more accessible and convenient. Also, with new sensibilities towards overall health emerging everywhere, traditional plumbing fixture makers, such as Toto sensor faucets, now focus their brainpower on residential applications.

Let's face it, how many times have you gone to the washroom, turned the faucet handle to the open position with dirty hands, washed your hands, and then been forced to operate the now-dirty handle once again?

With the renewed concern about germ transmission and virus spread prevention, many families and residential projects today are adopting touchless bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

So, it is important to understand the elements of these amazing contraptions as they are projected to become a staple in residential environments. We chose to feature Toto sensor faucets due to their incredible designs, and their water-saving properties. According to their spaces and independent data collected by various specialized institutions, sensor faucets not only provide sanitary advantages but also help save up to 30% in water bills due to the fact that they only remain open as long as their sensor is active.

What Are The Basic Elements of Toto Sensor Faucets?
One of the things that kept sensor faucets out of the residential industry radar was that they were too complicated or were high-maintenance fixtures. When compared to our traditional faucets or sillcocks, touchless had several comparative disadvantages.

However, as we mentioned before, Toto sensor faucets have become a lot simpler, more affordable, and incredibly durable. Moreover, their modern designs and finishes make them perfect for bathroom renovation projects when the goal is to bring the XXI century into a home.

                 Toto sensor faucets

So, here are the four basic elements every sensor faucet must include:

The spout
This is the most visible part of your Toto sensor faucet. When these touchless fixtures entered the market, most models were made with commercial environments in mind. The first faucets of this kind would look modern but were nothing you would want to see in your home bathroom.
Today, Toto sensor faucets come in many different finishes and styles, matching (and even surpassing) both traditional and modern trends in terms of aesthetics and functionality, making them perfect for both commercial and residential use.

The Sensor
This is the most vital part of every touchless faucet as it replaces all external moving parts, allowing manufacturers to craft seamless fixtures that are easier to clean and maintain. The sensor also makes it possible for the user to never come in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces before and after operating the faucet, giving users increased peace of mind.

The sensor works by reflecting an infrared signal that, when interrupted by your hands or other objects, sends a positive signal to the valve. This is what tells your Toto sensor faucet when to allow or interrupt the flow of water.

The Solenoid
Every sensor faucet comes equipped with a solenoid valve that, when signaled, engages a pull or push action that controls the flow of water. When the infrared beam is interrupted, it generates the positive signal the solenoid then translates into a pull action, effectively liberating the flow of water. As soon as the infrared beam is picked up by the sensor again, the solenoid receives a push instruction that closes the valve.

Power Source
Since there are no external mechanical elements to operate the touchless faucet (no levers or buttons), these modern fixtures require electrical energy to function. Some sensor faucets come with dry cell battery packs that power the sensor and the solenoid. These tend to be inconvenient and not as efficient as we'd like. Toto sensor faucets require a wired controller that works with regular AC 100-240 V, guaranteeing stability and reliability. Of course, Toto sensor faucets come with manual override in case of power failure, increasing its operational versatility.

Toto sensor faucets are among the few touchless options out there that come with a Safety Thermo mixing valve that prevents scalding, and a LED indicator that displays water temperature.

We´re fortunate to live in a time where these quality-of-life fixtures are more widely available, offering not only water-saving features but also increased sanitary conditions for our families or customers. If you want to learn more about Toto sensor faucets, installation kits, and repair parts, feel free to browse our website or give us a call. Our friendly staff is ready to answer all your questions and offer their timely help.