Woodford U125-6 Freezeless Utility Yard Hydrant

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Manufacturer Part Number:
Bury Depth:
1 ¼″ Brass Valve Body, MPT
1 ¼″ FPT Galvanized Tee
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Genuine Woodford U125-6 Freezeless Utility Yard Hydrant.  

Woodford Utility Yard Hydrants are intended for irrigation purposes and designed for use where year-round availability of water is required. Sturdy construction make these hydrants rugged and dependable. Accidental damage and vandalism are minimized. Hydrants are available with choice of automatic or manual close lever handle or wheel handle.

SUGGESTED USES: Chemical plants; oil refineries; outdoor paved areas of schools, factories and office buildings; wading pools; outdoor ice rinks; stock and water tanks.

Features: • Automatic draining occurs through ⅛” NPT drain hole when hydrant is shut off to prevent freezing. • Outlet can be located at any height above ground level. Adjust bury depth accordingly. • All working parts are removable through the top of the hydrant. • Lever handles can be easily removed to prevent unauthorized usage.

Quality Plumbing Supply is a proud distributor of Woodford products. This Woodford U125-6 Freezeless Utility Yard Hydrant is a direct replacement manufactured by Woodford. Order this Woodford U125-6 Freezeless Utility Yard Hydrant today.