Woodford Y2-1 Automatic Draining Freezeless Yard Hydrant

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1” NPT
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Woodford Y2-1 Automatic Draining Freezeless Yard Hydrant.

Genuine Woodford Y2-1 Automatic Draining Freezeless Yard Hydrant.

The  Woodford  Model Y2  is  an  automatic  draining,  backflow protected, frost proof yard hydrant intended  for irrigation purposes  and  immediate  water  flow  even  in  sub-zero temperatures.  Applications  include  filling  field  spray equipment,  cleaning  tools,  lawn  and  garden  care,  watering livestock and more. 



•  ASSE 1052  Approved   

•  Listed by IAPMO   

•  Field Testable   

•  Two Independent Check Valves R UPC R   

•  Drains automatically when hose is removed   

•  No spray back


•  Automatic Draining -  Hydrant drains when shut off, even with hose attached.

•  Adjustable Link - Provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension.

•    Rod Guide  - Eliminates side pull on rod, reduces wear on packing, packing nut & stem.

•    Flow Finder with Lock -  A simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time or lock against accidental opening.

•    Long Life Packing  -  Graphite packing for lubricity and long life.

•    One Piece Variable Flow Plunger  -  Large cushion type seal for longer life  -  is not easily damaged and assures shut-off even when foreign particles  are present. Automatic drain feature  -  plunger opens drain to prevent freezing - closes at any flow to prevent wasting water.

Female Inlet  –  1” N.P.T

Outlet Nozzle:  3/4″ male hose thread

Drain Hole  –  Tapped 1/8” N.P.T.

Casing  –  1-1/4” galvanized steel pipe

Operating Rod  –  3/8” galvanized steel pipe

Max Pressure – 125 p.s.i.

Max Temperature  - 120°  F 

Quality Plumbing Supply is a proud distributor of Woodford products. This Y2-1 Automatic Draining Freezeless Yard Hydrant is a direct replacement manufactured by Woodford. Order this Woodford Y2-1 Automatic Draining Freezeless Yard Hydrant today.