Prier Sillcocks: What Are They & Why You Need Them

Prier Sillcocks: What Are They & Why You Need Them

Nov 6th 2023

Prier is one of the leading names in silcock production and innovation. If you’re in the market for sillcocks, you can’t go wrong with Prier sillcocks.

Sillcocks by Prier are designed to the highest standards, engineered by some of the best in the industry, and superior to the competition in ease of use and installation.

Like all Prier products, they are made using strong pattern designs that ensure the durability and longevity of your plumbing system. The cast brass back flange and female stem cap are made to last. They are also easy to maintain. Let's take a closer look at what sillcocks are and how they function.

What Is a Sillcock?

Sillcocks are outdoor water faucets typically installed at an exterior wall. They are known by different names. People call them spigots, hydrants, or hose bibs, though technically, sillcocks are different in design. They all function in much the same way, however. They provide you with the convenience of flowing water outdoors.

Sillcocks are designed to be durable and to stand extreme cold. Many sillcocks also come with an anti-siphon device that improves water flow.

There are many advantages to having a sillcock in your facility, however, if you don't properly maintain them, you could end up having frozen sillcocks which could shut off your water supply and cause flooding and water contamination.

This is why every building manager should have a thorough grasp of how sillcocks function and how water damage crises can be averted.

How Do Frost-Free Sillcocks Work?

When you turn off the water on a frost-free faucet, the water comes to a complete stop behind the valve that is located inside. This means that the water will not freeze because it will remain in the warmer interior air temperature.

There will be nothing left to freeze and no frozen water will produce pressure in your pipes because all the water left in the outer portion of the sillcock will drain to the opening outside.

What Happens When Sillcocks Freeze?

Frost and cold can cause damage to sillcocks. Before the cold weather arrives, make sure you've taken the necessary precautions to keep your sillcocks from freezing.

During the winter, a sillcock freezing over and restricting the water flow is one of the most common causes of water damage in building structures.

Sillcocks usually do a good job of shutting off the water from the inside so that ant water left may stream out of the external opening without freezing. When a hose is left on the sillcock, however, it prevents the water from draining fully.

This may also happen if your frost-free sillcock has a reverse slope, allowing water to accumulate inside. During the winter, this residual water freezes quickly, causing expansion and breakage in your pipes.

How to Prevent Water From Freezing?

To prevent water from freezing and damaging your pipes and your building structure, disconnect any outdoor hoses, close indoor shutoff valves if available, and open sillcocks to drain any trapped water to protect against freezing.

Frost-free sillcocks are usually enough to keep water from freezing. Frost-free sillcocks are designed to not break in cold weather by preventing any water left inside from freezing.

Fall maintenance on your outdoor faucet can also help a lot. In the fall, you should remove any hose attached to your sillcocks to allow water to flow freely out of them. Water stuck in the faucet freezes, and the ice may work its way deeper into the pipe, producing pressure that can cause pipes to explode.

You may also choose a model that comes with an anti-siphon. An anti-siphon valve adjusts the pressure inside the pipes to prevent water from going back every time you turn off the faucet. This makes any remaining water flow out of the faucet so you don’t have to worry about trapped water freezing inside.

                       Prier sillcocks

It's also crucial to have a long enough line to keep the valve warm in cold weather. Adding wall insulation or caulking around the faucet hole can help keep the area warmer and lessen the danger of freezing.

Do You Really Need Sillcocks?

Consider buying Prier sillcocks if water freezes in your faucet frequently, or if you need outdoor access to water at all times of the year.

If your area is normally quite chilly with a temperature of 35°F or lower, you might want to consider getting a Silcock as well. Anti-freezing Silcocks are practically a need in locations where the weather is cold for most of the year.

You’ll also need sillcocks if accessing water from indoors presents dangers or if it’s safer to access from outside, such as when doing roof cleaning and window washing where using a long hose will be hazardous.

Why Prier?

Prier creates and builds products that are easy to install and use, and endure the test of time. They have over 140 years of experience not just in engineering innovative plumbing products but also in listening to customers and identifying their needs. Their products are also made using sustainable methods so when you buy a Prier product, you’re sure that you’re not harming the environment.

Prier Sillcocks for All Building Applications

Prier has sillcocks for all building structures, including tilt-up concrete panel construction, industrial, commercial, school, and office buildings. From commercial boxed sillcocks to frost-free wall hydrants, Prier has you covered.

Prier has sillcocks that meet most building requirements. So whether you need outdoor access to water for building roof cleaning, power washing, high window washing, and even street cleaning, you can choose the most reliable brand in Sillcocks.

If you need sillcocks and hydrants from Prier, including repair and replacement parts, get in touch with us today. We recommend getting a sillcock box so you can protect it from vandals and unauthorized use.

Just tell us where you intend to use it or where you plan to install it and we’ll help you find the right sillcock for you. Call us at 1-833-251-4591 when you’re ready to buy or if you have more questions. We accept bulk orders and offer free shipping for orders over $99.00. Contact us now!