No matter what kind of plumbing work or maintenance you need to get done, you need to use some of the most reputable and reliable pieces of equipment. This equipment should be long-lasting, have seamless usage, and be made of the highest quality materials.

That is where Delany plumbing equipment comes in. Delany Products has been in the business since 1879, making them hold over 130 years of experience. However, they never veered away from being a family-operated business and are currently in their fourth generation.

The company has always prioritized innovation. They’ve invented and/or patented several vital plumbing parts, such as the Flushboy (the first flush valve), the Regulating Screw, and the Rubberflex Handle. It’s safe to say that Delany Products is responsible for supplying us with the parts and equipment that have led to our modern bathroom appliances and fixtures.

This is precisely why we at Quality Plumbing Supply proudly supply all of our customers with a range of Delany plumbing equipment so they can conduct their plumbing work with the utmost confidence. We offer items such as: 

  • Flushometer repair kits

○     Diaphragm kits

○     Covers

○     Pistons

○     Coupling kits

○     Slip joint fittings

○     Handles and parts

○     And much more!

  • Flushometers for:

○     Closet/toilets

○     Urinals 

No matter what you’re looking for in Delany plumbing equipment, we got it right here for you and at superb prices. If you have questions about our plumbing equipment, whether it be for Delany Products or another industry-leading manufacturer, give us a call at 1-833-251-4591.