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Quality Plumbing Supply has been serving a national community with high quality, low cost, commercial plumbing parts and plumbing repair for over 35 years.

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Quality Plumbing Supply is your source for reliable commercial plumbing equipment. We provide quality plumbing parts for sale for government institutions, multi-family apartments, schools and universities, hospitality units, prisons, and laboratories. Our products include flushometers, hydrants, repair parts, faucets, and various other tools and supplies.

Plumbing issues can happen to anybody, meaning anybody could have to pay money on repairs. Save time and cash by choosing our high-quality plumbing parts for sale. 

We’re based in Wevertown, New York, but we can ship to all 50 US states and most US territories. We use a 10,000 square-foot warehouse and carry products from the top brands, such as American Standard and Zurn.

We’ve spent over 35 years on plumbing and plumbing repair parts. Whether your needs are large or small, contact Quality Plumbing Supply for leading commercial plumbing equipment.


QPS - Coronavirus (Covid 19) New Update - 5/19/2020:

We are open and as of right now shipping is going out normally. We will continue to ship normally until the carriers stop picking up. Hopefully that will not be the case.

New - We are now ready to start accepting your returns. Please expect minor delays in the return and refund processing as we expect a higher volume of returns in the coming days and packages need to be disinfected to insure the safety of our employees. We thank you all for your cooperation during this time! 

The staff at QPS wishes everyone a safe and healthy journey as we progress through this time of crisis!

Thank you all! The staff at Quality Plumbing Supply

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