Before You Buy Flush Heads: Types of Flushing Systems

Before You Buy Flush Heads: Types of Flushing Systems

Oct 27th 2022

When you're choosing flush heads and flush systems for commercial restrooms, you should consider how powerful they are and how quickly they recover, among other things.

There are many different systems that you can choose depending on your budget and your restroom requirements and needs.

Below are some of the most common and most reliable toilet systems on the market today.

Double Cyclone System

The double cyclone is one of the more recent flushing systems today. It was invented by the Toto toilet company and is becoming increasingly popular for its water efficiency features.

For both solid and liquid waste, the high-efficiency system requires only 1.28 gallons every flush.

Instead of standard rim holes, the Tornado Flush creates a centrifugal, cyclonic cleaning motion by releasing water into the bowl through two huge nozzles on either side.

As a result, it produces a very strong siphoning action as well as a more efficient flush.

It's a simple mechanism, despite the fact that it's a double cyclone flush system. Within the process, gravity flush devices are used.

Dual Flush System

Due to their environmentally friendly design, dual flush systems are increasingly gaining popularity. They let you use more or less water depending on the waste you need to flush.

On the same toilet unit, two levers or buttons are provided, allowing you to perform a "full" or "partial" flush.

The full flush operates like any other toilet, removing a mixture of solid and liquid waste with about 1.6 gallons of water.

A half flush, on the other hand, is for liquid waste only and uses 1.1 gallons of water.

Because of its excellent water-saving qualities, many countries have adopted the dual flush system and require its installation in new buildings.

Gravity Flush System

Gravity flushing is one of the oldest systems. They rely on gravity to provide flushing pressure, which is generated by the weight of the water itself.

While most water tanks are placed directly on top of the toilet bowl, some gravity systems feature an elevated cistern to increase the distance water must travel to the toilet bowl and therefore increase the pressure created.

The water from the tank is forced into the bowl, cleaning it while also removing waste.

This system has no sophisticated mechanisms, making repairs and replacements simple. Furthermore, unlike pressure flush systems, there are no loud noises while using a gravity-forced flush.

Pressure-Assisted System

Pressure-assisted flushing systems are similar to gravity flushing systems, but they have an additional mechanism that pushes water even harder into the toilet bowl.

When the water in the toilet's ceramic tank starts to refill, a plastic tank housing an air-filled balloon is compressed.

During a flush, the compressed air inside the balloon forces water into the bowl at a faster rate than a gravity tank could.

This allows a system to use less water while still providing the same level of performance as a gravity flush system, or to use the same quantity of water more efficiently.

Pressure-assisted toilets are noisier than other flushing systems due to the extra force exerted during the flush.

Because of its strong flush, it's widely employed in commercial settings. Some people, however, may choose a system that is slightly less powerful yet runs quietly.

Siphon Flush System

A siphonic flush system uses one pipe to vent, and a second pipe to supply water. This system is more cost-effective and efficient, but it can also cause scalding.

Siphonic flush systems are typically used in two-story buildings, where the top floors need more water than the lower floors. However, some buildings use them as a replacement for traditional toilet systems.

It uses liquid to raise water to the height of the toilet before flushing the water out as you flush and removing solid waste from the drain.

The mechanism is activated by a button on the tank's top, which opens the flush valve and allows water to flow through the bowl.

What Is the Best Flushing System?

The best flushing system is the one that fits your needs and your building’s plumbing system, as well as the quality of the water.

If you have a high-traffic commercial restroom, however, you’ll want to make sure your toilet’s flushing mechanism is not only powerful but also recovers fast enough for the next user.

You may also want to consider water efficiency and the noise of the flushing mechanism, but whether you like a more environmentally friendly flush or one that flushes silently, make sure you choose one that is reliable.

If you need help choosing the best flushing mechanism and flush heads for your commercial restroom remodeling or new construction project, big or small, contact us for help.

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