Flush Heads

Flush Heads

When walking into a public restroom, there is one major concern on our minds (other than using the toilet, of course): hygiene. It is no secret that public restrooms can be a cesspool of bacteria and other germs that no one wants to make themselves susceptible to. When using the toilets in these restrooms, people tend to react differently than they would at home, such as:

● Holding the manual flush for far too long
● Not flushing at all
● Flushing more than just once when it isn’t necessary

These actions can lead to various issues, such as unsanitary and/or undesirable conditions and wasting water. If you are responsible for the operation of this restroom, you can suffer from a lot of stress and grievances because of these problems. That is precisely where getting electronic flush heads on your toilets instead of manuals can be a saving grace. When you make the switch to electronic, you can have the option of controlling the force used when flushing, the sanitation of your restroom, and even saving on energy.

Here at Quality Plumbing Supply, we have a wide range of electronic flush heads to best meet your needs. All of which are sensor operated for touchless flushing but almost all have the option of manual flushing with buttons (but no one can hold down the lever for far too long with these!). Many even have dual flush options for energy efficiency. All of our products come from major flushometer manufacturers, such as Sloan, Delany, Zurn, Kohler, and more. We even have other accessories, such as override buttons, cover rests, and lens window covers, to match your requirements.

Have any questions about our electronic flush heads or our many other offerings? Give our professional customer service team a call at 1-833-251-4591.