Flush Valves

There are many different signs that your toilet flush valve may need to be replaced. If your toilet is constantly running, turns itself on and off, water is leaking between the tank and bowls, toilet linkage parts are loose, tight or stuck, or a new toilet flapper is not sitting properly on the flush valve seal a new toilet flush valve may solve your problem!

Quality Plumbing Supply stocks dozens of toilet flush valves, also known as Douglas valves, from all the major toilet manufacturers including Kohler, Toto and more. Our toilet flush valves come in many different styles and sizes and are appropriate for one-piece and two-piece toilets. We also carry a variety of toilet flush valve replacement parts for those who want to repair existing toilet flush valves.

Replace your toilet tank flush valve today and get your toilets working efficiently again. Browse our extensive selection of toilet flush valves and toilet valve replacement parts! We have toilet flush valves in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

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