Flushometer Piston: Engineered for Water Conservation 

Piston, like Diaphragm flush valves, are designed to help conserve water. This water conservation feature is what makes them a popular choice among architects, engineers, plumbers, and designers. Flushometers provide a water-saving alternative to the more traditional toilet. They use less than one gallon of water per flush, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for commercial plumbing needs. 

These flushometers are also built to last even in high-traffic restrooms. But if you want your flushometers to last as long as they should, make sure you’re getting the best specifications according to the traffic, the water quality, and the operating conditions of your commercial or industrial restrooms.

Choose flushometer piston if you have lower restroom traffic, lower water pressure, and cleaner water conditions. 

You can save on maintenance and replacement costs if you install the right flushometers for your building requirements. 

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