When it comes to using the best materials in your commercial restroom, you can rely on Delany Products to get the job done right. Delany Products has provided stellar equipment and parts for plumbing purposes since 1879. Their 130 years of experience is a testament to their innovation, high-quality products, and unrivaled customer service.

Your commercial restroom deserves only the best– and that includes Delany flushometers. Flushometers, for those who may not already be aware, are special valves on toilets and urinals that use high pressure to “flush” a toilet or urinal. Flushometers are more sufficient than standard flush valves on residential toilets, as they do not almost solely rely on gravity to do their bidding. The high-pressure system is significantly more efficient, making managing a commercial restroom location much easier.

Fortunately, here at Quality Plumbing Supply, we have plenty of manual Delany flushometers for you to choose from in order to match your requirements:

● Exposed rex valves
● Exposed flushboy ultra valves
● Exposed empire valves
● Exposed saber valves
● Presto valves
● Exposed saber dual flush valves
● Exposed saber sidearm valves

Our offerings can adhere to nearly any toilet, urinal, and even squat toilet! These vary from 1.28 GPF to 3.5 GPF, supplying your particular toilet with proper flushometer capabilities.

If you have any questions about our flushometers, from Delany or other brands, be sure to give us a call at 1-833-251-4591 so we can “supply” you with the answers you need.