13 Plumbing Myths You Can Bust for Your Clients

13 Plumbing Myths You Can Bust for Your Clients

Feb 14th 2022

Plumbing myths run amok, particularly among homeowners. However, there are some pretty common commercial plumbing myths out there that can cause some serious damage to plumbing when users just don’t know better.

It’s a good thing you stopped here for some commercial plumbing repair parts. Brush up on these plumbing myths if you haven’t heard them before, and if you hear a client mention any of these, set the record straight before you make the fix, or you’ll be back fixing the same thing in a few months!

1.Myth: It’s alright if our line pressure fluctuates
It’s totally not alright if the line pressure fluctuates. Consistent line pressure is necessary in order for most flushometers to operate properly. Besides that, if the pressure goes up or down, it could indicate a serious problem like an obstruction or a leak in a pipe.

If a client tells you this, give them your card and tell them to call you whenever a “normal” pressure change occurs.

2.Myth: It’s fine to flush flushable wipes.
It is not alright to flush something “because the box told you to.” That is a recipe for disaster, and if it goes down the pipes, you might just find yourself dealing with a clog way deep in the system.

3.Myth: We let our cleaning staff use bleach in the toilet and that’s fine.
This is tied to another common myth that revolves around the pervasive myth that janitorial staff can handle plumbing needs.

Long story short, it is not a good idea to use bleach to clean a toilet, especially not frequently. Once or twice and maybe no one will notice, but chronic use of bleach will degrade gaskets and can cause leaks.

Moreover, bleach is highly reactive and can accelerate corrosion - bad news for pipes. If you hear a client mention the use of bleach for cleaning bathroom fixtures, chime in.

4.Myth: It’s not a big deal if we let our cleaning staff use chemical de-cloggers.
Again, go back to the bleach thing. You might be able to get away with a chemical drain cleaner once or twice, but chronic use is just bad news.

There’s a reason plumbers don’t use them, and a reason that it’s actually illegal to use them in some circumstances. One, they are highly toxic; two, they are not particularly effective, and three, like bleach they can accelerate corrosion in pipes.

5.Myth: We pour boiling water down the sink in the back to clear grease clogs, works like a charm!
Hopefully, you don’t service any kitchens where this happens. Sure, boiling water will break up grease and the sink may drain - for now.

That grease has to go somewhere, and where it’s going is farther down the pipes, where it will re-congeal. Then you’re looking at a much more expensive, much more laborious cleanup.

We hope you don’t have any clients that throw grease down the drain in the first place, but if you do, you’d better hand them your card.

6.Myth: Sloow leaks are not a cause for serious concern.
We’ll just keep this short. Slow leaks are a cause for serious concern. One, leaks waste water (which costs money), and two, leaks indicate a problem with the fixture that will get worse over time. Fix it.

7.Myth: All plumbers and all commercial plumbing repair parts are created equal.
Plumbers are not all created equal, nor are all commercial plumbing repair parts. Plumbers vary greatly in their experience and credentials. Also, don’t assume you can use “any part” to make a fix. Repair parts are often highly specific.

8.Myth: If the toilet flushes it, it’s safe to flush.
If a toilet flushes, it is safe to flush - for now. This is not a good idea. If it goes down the pipes, it can still get clogged way down deep in the lines, which will result in a difficult, expensive, time-consuming de-clogging operation.

9.Myth: Dropping a brick in a tank toilet saves money on water.
Luckily, most commercial toilets use flushometers, but if you have any clients that have tank toilets and you hear them say this, stop them in their tracks.

Where do we even start with this; it’s such a ridiculous idea from the start. Bricks disintegrate slowly in water, leaking abrasive, sandy detritus into the pipes. This can cause blockages, abrade components, and hasten corrosion.

Putting a brick in the tank does not save money. Actually, it’s the opposite. Simply leaving the brick out of the tank saves money!

10.Myth: Maintenance can handle plumbing issues.
Can you believe so many people out there believe all the myths on this page, and also believe that their maintenance crews can tackle complex plumbing jobs?

There’s no replacing an experienced, qualified plumber, period.

11.Myth: Animals can’t get in and caused damage through pipes!
Alright, we’re not saying this happens frequently, but it does happen. Rats and other pests actually can get in through the pipes, unfortunately.

Two More Interesting Plumbing Myths

These plumbing myths are more pervasive among homeowners than businesses, but they’re not true, nonetheless.

If you have a client that believes these farcical fantasies, don’t be afraid to disabuse them of the falsehood.

1.Myth: Ice sharpens garbage disposal blades.


Where did this even start? Do you stick your kitchen knives into the ice cube tray to sharpen them? Ice is hard, people, and it dulls steel. This is one of the most offensive myths out there.

2.Myth: Toilets flush the opposite way down under.
This myth is so pervasive it was once even featured on The Simpsons. However, it’s not true.

Maybe if toilets were the size of hurricanes or tornadoes they would flush the opposite way in the southern hemisphere, due to the Coriolis effect. However, at scales the size of a toilet, the rotation of the water is due to the jets, not the spinning of the Earth.

Bust These Myths Before Your Clients Bust Their Pipes!
Remember, if you hear any of your commercial clients spouting these myths, do your due diligence and let them in on myths. Otherwise, they’ll be calling you up again sooner rather than later.

Either way, the fact that these myths are so common means you’re going to be making repairs for some time to come. Stay prepared with our huge collection of commercial plumbing repair parts for top brands like Sloan, American Standard, Acorn, Delany, and countless others.

When you need plumbing parts, we’re the plumbing supply store you need. Find what you need here or contact us at 1-833-251-4591 and let us know how we can help!