PRIER’s BIbb Designs Solve a Variety of Problems in Plumbing

PRIER’s BIbb Designs Solve a Variety of Problems in Plumbing

Mar 27th 2024

There are commercial plumbing fixtures and parts producers, and then there are those that are built with purpose.

PRIER Plumbing is one of these. You may have your run of choices for hose bibbs and plumbing connections, but when it comes to these, specifically, PRIER bibbs are among some of the best in the industry.

They’re regarded as such, and these are the reasons why.

Why PRIER Plumbing?

PRIER goes far beyond PRIER bibbs, but the same excellence that’s engineered into their bibbs is also evident in PRIER hydrants, faucets, valves, and drainage products.

For over 140 years, PRIER has been recognized as an authority in the industry, having produced a wide range of plumbing fixtures, valves, and fittings for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

PRIER’s plumbing products are renowned for their innovative designs, ingenuity, and downright versatility.

So the next time a client asks you why you recommended PRIER bibbs, you can tell them the following.

Why PRIER Bibbs?

  • Design that prevents dezincification

Copper and zinc, separately, are both very suspect to oxidation, just like iron. However, when you add them together, you can cancel out some of the risks of corrosion. The resulting alloy is called brass.

As you may know, brass is highly resistant to corrosion and is typically used not only in plumbing but also in maritime hardware and fixtures for the very same reason.

However over time, brass can undergo a process known as dezincification, the causes of which are still not fully understood. The effects, however, are.

When brass undergoes dezincification (which is the slow loss of zinc from the alloy) it will slowly start to turn pink as the concentration of copper increases. Copper, losing the protection of the alloy that forms brass, is then subject to corrosion and perforation.

                   PRIER bibbs

However, many PRIER bibbs are made from cast red brass that is less at risk of dezincification than other brass alloys, and therefore is better situated to prevent corrosion.

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant operating systems

In addition to the use of red brass that helps prevent dezincification, many PRIER bibbs also feature other corrosion-resistant features and construction.

For instance, many of their hose bibbs and no-kink hose bibbs feature solid-brass operating systems that are very strong and more reliable and less prone to corrosion than other alloys.

  • A design that allows for greater flow rates

Many PRIER bibbs feature large, open waterways that allow for greater flow rates. This is a bonus whether you need to install the bibb in a residential area to connect a garden hose for watering plants or in an industrial setting for dispensing water for cleaning or other mission-critical processes and procedures.

  • Kink-free hose bibb designs are available

For residential and commercial settings where greater lengths of hoses will be used for maintenance, cleaning, or other procedures, a kink-free design is imperative.

PRIER has produced a number of bibbs with a specially designed valve angle that helps prevent kinks in hoses, for more enjoyable use and greater procedural efficiency.

  • Some models are vandal proof

Vandalism is a concern in areas where there is little surveillance and where the public has access to external plumbing connection points. Some PRIER heavy-pattern hose bibbs feature vandal-resistant or vandal-proof designs that improve their durability and longevity.

For instance, PRIER’s CF-258 and CF-268 heavy-pattern hose bibbs feature vandal-proof lock shield caps to help prevent incidental and intentional damage.

  • Heavy-pattern hose bibbs feature vacuum breaker valves

Water contamination is a serious concern, especially in industries that rely on a flow of potable water supplies to support their operations. Backflow is a special concern at hose bibb connections.

Select PRIER bibbs feature vacuum breaker backflow check valves (ASSE 1011-approved) that prevent backflow and decrease the risk of water contamination.

  • Smooth turning valves that are easy to grip and resist the elements

Sticky packing nuts can make bibbs a downright annoyance to use. Fortunately, PRIER has made many of its bibbs with EPDM smooth-turn packing nuts that help prevent friction and are much easier to use without straining.

  • All valves are individually tested

Imagine a company that individually tests each of its products - not just each of its lines - before it even sees it fit to sell them.

PRIER does this. Even in 2022 in the era of machine automation and cost-cutting, the company still tests each hose bibb, individually, before sending it out the door.

Using PRIER bibbs not only underscores the habit of accepting less than excellence. It also offers the ultimate user peace of mind that the investment will pay off.

  • PRIER provides excellent customer support and provides repair parts (contact us for details)

Even though hose bibbs are not the most complex pieces of plumbing equipment in the industry, there are still a number of fixed and moving internal and external parts that have to operate for the whole assembly to work.

So, while there are more complex parts out there, it’s still understandable that you might not have an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings of all the models on the market.

PRIER can help with that. If you visit their website and consult their collections of bibbs, you can see a list of potential problems that might arise, including but not limited to dripping, leaking, and other issues.

PRIER offers potential explanations for these issues as well as the parts that you’ll need to make repairs - many of which you can get right here on our website.

                    PRIER bibbs

  • Options for residential, commercial, and industrial settings are available

While there are plenty of PRIER bibbs designed for residential applications, there are many others that are specifically designed for industrial and commercial settings as well.

PRIER offers its customers that flexibility. Few other manufacturers offer such a wide range of fixtures and parts that are so broadly suited to so many different settings and applications.

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Need parts for PRIER bibbs or other fixtures but you’re not sure what you need? If you aren’t sure what replacement part you need, or which bibb would work best in a particular situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-833-251-4591 and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.