TOTO Plumbing and PeoplePlanetWater Certifications and Compliance

TOTO Plumbing and PeoplePlanetWater Certifications and Compliance

Jun 23rd 2022

Evidently, the average person wastes up to 30 gallons of water per day. Considering an estimated 2.2 billion people in the world lack access to clean water (with almost a billion of these without access to basic drinking water services), and that wasted water is entirely preventable, it’s no small matter when a plumbing company openly makes a commitment to fighting waste.

TOTO Plumbing is one of these commercial plumbing manufacturers. It boasts a truly global presence, with a network that spans North America, Europe, and Asia, and has been the recipient of several coveted awards, including the IF Design Award, the reddot Award, and the Green Good Design Award.

TOTO has also pioneered the industry with touchless, IoT integrated plumbing fixtures, and has repeatedly doubled down on its commitment to reduce wasted water in both commercial and residential settings.

PeoplePlanetWater: Community, Partnership, and Recognition
One of the main ways that TOTO Plumbing has committed its operations to reduce water waste is through a series of active partnerships.

TOTO has joined forces with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and is an active member of a USBGC subsidiary, the Water Efficiency Technology Advisory Group, or WETAG.

TOTO has been recognized for its efforts to diminish water consumption and waste in a variety of ways; the company has gained LEED accreditation and has been awarded the industry’s first - and only - Water Efficiency Leadership Award by the EPA.

TOTO Plumbing is an EPA WaterSense Partner, a charter member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, serves on the water subcommittee of the Green Building Initiative (GBI), and participates in the Carbon Neutral Shipping program of UPS.

The company has also received substantial recognition, accreditation, and accolades for its efforts to minimize water waste and pursue green initiatives.

It has been recognized by the EPA for being on the “EPA National Environmental Achievement Track” for going above and beyond legal requirements.

It has also been recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is a member of the World Resources Institute.

While the following recognitions are not related directly to water consumption, they are worthy of note. TOTO is a WRI Climate Southeast Partner, engaged in developing greenhouse gas management systems, and has also received ISO 9001 and 14001 certification for quality control.

Conserving Water Through Technologically Superior, Purpose-Driven Design
TOTO’s partnerships and recognitions, as impressive and comprehensive as they are, are nothing more than recognition of its staunch commitment to water conservation.

That excellence comes from its people-friendly, planet-friendly designs, which feature technology that is purpose-driven to optimize water use while reducing waste.

At every stage, TOTO has developed plumbing fixtures and technology that deliver a superior user experience while mitigating common causes of water inefficiency.

Cutting back on water usage with each flush of the toilet is one way to conserve water. TOTO’s 1.0 GPF Gravity Flush is the industry’s most conservative, efficient flush of all.

Moreover, as water is also used to cleanse the bowel, it’s important to harness the power of that water on the way down. TOTO’s Tornado Flush, Dynamax Tornado Flush, and 3D Tornado Flush all make more effective use of the water through the flush cycle to clean the bowl.

For instance, TOTO’s 3D Tornado Flush uses powerful nozzles to clean the bowl during the flush cycle, using not only less water but using it more efficiently.

Technology like this saves water coming and going, as toilet bowls that remain cleaner longer require less water down the line in routine maintenance and cleaning.

TOTO”s GMAX and E-MAX technologies also limit water consumption and maximize efficiency. Both systems save water by using a wide valve and an extra-large siphon jet, making them more reliable as a result.

TOTO has also championed the design and development of touchless, remotely-controlled faucets and other fixtures that can optimize water usage while diminishing waste. Some of their touchless fixtures can be easily managed and tracked via a user-friendly mobile app.

                  TOTO Plumbing Parts for Repairs

Select TOTO Plumbing fixtures are also finished with TOTO’s CEFIONTECT, a ceramic glaze that provides a remarkably smooth finish. This keeps the bowl cleaner for longer, once more saving water on maintenance.

Other aspects of the design can also be water-saving features. For instance, some TOTO plumbing fixtures feature skirted designs that have less surface area, fewer crevices, and are easier to clean and keep clean - thus saving water.

Features like TOTO’s ACTILIGHT, which were not necessarily expressly designed to save water, do so as a consequence of their use.

This feature uses only light, oxygen, and water to keep select-equipped fixtures clean. These fixtures are also treated with an extremely hydrophilic coating that makes it easier for water to economically wash away waste and residue.

This keeps their fixtures cleaner longer, and as a result of such design, require less water in maintenance and cleaning.

We’re Your Source for Genuine TOTO Plumbing Parts for Repairs
With more and more facilities partnering with capable producers of eco-friendly, water-conscious plumbing fixtures, it’s equally as important to work with a supplier that keeps genuine, authorized parts on hand.

We carry a wide range of TOTO plumbing parts for repairs, including parts for faucets, showers, tubs, and toilets, such as flush valves and fill valve assemblies, among many other parts.

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