What Is The Best Outdoor Shower For My Facility?

What Is The Best Outdoor Shower For My Facility?

Mar 27th 2024

Outdoor showers were fixtures that usually belonged at beach houses where removing salt and sand from our bodies was the only reason one would think of having one of these installed.

However, as property improvement tendencies shift, we can now find outdoor showers miles away from the coastline. And there are many reasons for that.

For buildings furnished with a pool or a yard hot tub, outdoor showers offer a convenient spot for cleaning up and changing without dripping water through your installations that are meant to remain dry. You only have to make sure you have high-quality and weather-resistant outdoor fixtures like a Wade wall hydrant, and you can easily install the right outdoor shower for your building.

If you cater to large audiences, outdoor showers always come in handy for getting toddlers and teens clean after an afternoon full of outdoor activities. They can tidy up before they jump into the rest of the common areas. The same goes with furry friends who sometimes need their paws cleaned up to prevent having their pawprints on your carpeted rooms.

Having summer guests can also put heavy pressure on your indoor bathrooms. Giving a good use of your wall hydrants by installing outdoor showers is a smart solution as it frees up other sanitary installations for more urgent uses, and also provides a refreshing spot for visitors to cool off while outside.

If you have garden areas, you know that taking care of your landscape and flowery areas sometimes is harder than it sounds. Prepping up the soil, weeding, and making sure your soil is always in top shape, are all activities that require us to get our hands (actually, our whole bodies) dirty. An outdoor shower is always the best way to rinse all that dirt off your feet, tools, and even your head. You can treat your visitors and employees to a nice and rejuvenating shower without the need of going all the way into the property.

As you can see, an outdoor shower not only brings a lot of benefits but also provides a resort-like experience. However, what type of outdoor shower is best for your property?

Freestanding Shower

These are extremely popular as they open a lot more freedom for placement. Freestanding or portable showers consist of a flat and stable base with an attached stainless steel shower head. They are usually easy to carry around, and you can place them right next to the pool area, or close to your workout area offering a refreshing splash for visitors without leaving the fun zone. These usually require a hose connected to a quality sillcock or, we usually recommend, a high-quality Arrowhead or Wade wall hydrant.

Freestanding outdoor showers come in many finishes; from metal to rot and moisture resistant woods and plastics.

Wall Mount Shower

Depending on the model, a wall mount outdoor shower can offer incredible advantages. Symmons makes high-quality shower faucets with temperature control valves that can be installed directly on your building's existing plumbing. They are also weather-resistant and durable, providing convenience and joy for years to come.

It is important to note that the main difference between wall mounts and freestanding showers is the installation process. While freestanding showers only require a connection to your existing wall hydrant or hose bib, wall mount showers usually require access to your interior plumbing. One advantage of wall-mounted showers is that, if they access both your cold and hot water pipes, and you properly install a thermostatic valve, visitors will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a regular bathroom shower.

Some landowners with accessible Wade wall hydrants installed can sometimes install an improvised shower by just connecting their hose to them. It might not be ideal, but it definitely works as a temporary solution for those who need instant access to the waterline, yet don't foresee constant use for a permanent outdoor shower.

However, having at least a convenient wall hydrant is always a good idea as it provides quick access to clean water for various uses, not only for watering plants or filling up the kiddie pool.

One small warning. Even when installing the best Wade wall hydrant, you need to make sure you follow certain precautions during wintertime, even if it is an anti-freeze product.

When autumn arrives, you must make sure you winterize your plumbing. This means shutting off the valves inside your home and then draining all your outdoor pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting during winter.

So, the first step to having an outdoor shower is to have a correctly installed high-quality Wade wall hydrant. They provide increased durability, a host of convenient features for those who want to transform their outdoor living spaces into cozy oases.

The best way to get your hands on reliable plumbing fixtures and Wade wall hydrant repair parts, is to visit Quality Plumbing Supplies, one of the best commercial plumbing retailers on the market. Give us a call today at 1-833-251-4591 to find out more about how Wade wall hydrants can open amazing opportunities for your home or property.