Why Are Commercial Toto Plumbing Products Gaining Traction?

Why Are Commercial Toto Plumbing Products Gaining Traction?

Mar 27th 2024

Toto fixtures have been in the spotlight for quite some time. They were first marketed as an exotic luxury Japanese brand that offered unique toilets. A piece in the New York Times back in 2015 praised the brand for its commitment to bringing Americans the same comfort Japanese bathroom goers have enjoyed for decades.

Of course, these high-end Toto plumbing products were aimed at the residential market and were seen mainly as a cultural curiosity. However, many innovative features caught on and started trickling into the commercial plumbing sector.

When a shared space looks run down or nasty, visitors and employees only notice toilets, urinals, and bathroom sinks. Some chains linked to the hospitality and restaurant sectors took note and started installing Toto plumbing products, offering their customers a superior experience. These first adopters soon realized that Toto fixtures and products offered a series of features that made them more comfortable and easier to clean and maintain.

Better Flushing

We believe this is the first observable feature that made people realize Toto was onto something when they offered their products. Once you try one of their products, you instantly know they work differently and are more efficient than regular fixtures.

Toto flushometers and toilets use high-powered water jets, giving them enough power to take care of liquid and solid waste without spending more water than necessary. In addition, these jets are positioned in a way that allows them to remove anything inside the bowl, leaving a spotless surface after every flush. Toilets, for example, are equipped with their proprietary tornado flush system. They placed two nozzles right below the bowl rim that fire a high-speed stream of water, so every flush offers a powerful cleansing action that removes waste and debris in one step.

This approach completely departs from typical bathroom fixtures where tiny and inefficient holes slowly release water, allowing debris to build up below the rim.

Toto´s clever solution dramatically reduces maintenance costs for commercial and industrial venues while also reducing water consumption.

Smoother Surfaces

The glazing in Toto´s products is also outstanding. This aspect would go unnoticed as most bathroom fixtures nowadays are made to look sleek and shiny. The porcelain is usually treated with glazing that seals pores and prevents debris and waste from accumulating or clinging. However, at a microscopic level, every toilet and urinal bowl still show ridges, valleys, nooks, and crannies that can retain waste. These uneven surfaces are the reason toilet cleaners are usually made to be aggressive and harmful to the environment as they need to penetrate the pores and effectively dissolve all particles.

Toto took that glazing to the next level, equipping their bathroom products with Cefiontect, nanotechnology-based glazing that provides a more effective porcelain seal. Instead of using special paints after manufacturing, Cefiontect is baked in through an ionization process that seals the porcelain completely, giving it a super-slippery surface that lets waste slide off and be carried away with every flush.

The revolutionary technology reduces the need for constant deep cleaning. Also, it helps venues and facilities reach their environmental and sustainability goals by reducing the use of harmful chemicals for cleaning duties. Toto plumbing fixtures are being adopted in industries that need to reduce maintenance costs by offering superior products and enhanced efficiency.

Water Saving Features

Traditional toilets can use up to seven gallons of water per flush. As saving water and resources becomes more and more imperative, this constant water consumption becomes unsustainable, especially in venues with ample sanitary accommodations.

Toto has declared their intention to reduce water consumption in all its products, which can be seen in most of its bathroom fixtures, especially flushometers and sensor faucets.

Some of the most sought-after Toto models can use just one gallon per flush, making them incredibly attractive for large locations. In addition, their bowls are engineered so that each flush can clear the bowl the first time. This feature reduces the amount of water used per flush and the flushing iterations needed to have a spotless bowl after use, thanks to the centrifugal forces generated by the water jets.

Their commercial flushometers are also designed with efficiency in mind. For example, their EcoPower line features a water-powered turbine that charges the power supply with every flush, making it completely self-sustainable. They also offer sturdy chrome-plated designs that give them extra durability even in high-traffic areas.

Where To Find Commercial Toto Plumbing Products?

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