Symmons TA 10 Temptrol Maxi Flow Control Systems

Symmons TA 10 Temptrol Maxi Flow Control Systems

May 22nd 2024

For nearly 100 years, Symmons has defined quality in the professional plumbing industry, and itself has been defined by vision, determination, grit, and good old American gumption.

The founder, Paul Symmons, had extensive experience working with brass and steel, which he would roll into the success of what would become one of the most successful plumbing parts companies in the world.

Given that, it’s little surprise that Symmons shower valves are widely respected for their quality and operation, and they are also innovative, durable, and easy to install.

Here’s what you need to know about the Symmons TA 10 Temptrol Maxi Flow Control and Symmons Temptrol Systems - if you don’t yet.

Why the Symmons TA 10 Is Plumber Recommended

Symmons Temptrol collection is a pioneer in the industry, and contains anti-scald, pressure-balancing mixing valves that have consistently performed for the better part of a half century.

All valves in the Temptrol collection are made of either brass or bronze and stainless steel. The Symmons TA 10 spindle in question is made with solid brass and bronze and contains a stainless steel piston.

Making the valve bodies from brass and bronze is a substantial hedge against the risk of corrosion that can damage or incapacitate shower valves and their constituent parts. Brass, unlike iron, does not aggressively corrode. Instead it develops a patina that is actually a thin surface layer of oxidation which prevents corrosion from progressing further.

These durable and reliable shower valve spindles are made with stainless steel pistons, which is a suitable material considering the superior strength and reasonably high corrosion resistance of steel compared to brass or bronze.

Symmons Temptrol valves also contain integral diverter controls as well as adjustable stop screws that enable precise control of the hot water supply to the valve. These valves can also accommodate both back to back and thin wall installations.

Adding to their value, these Symmons valves are also proudly made in America, so your purchase of these systems and parts supports American business and domestic production of high-quality valve parts.

The shower valves in this system feature adjustable pistons that automatically, instantly, and continually balance both hot and cold water pressure in real-time, in response to changes in demand on the plumbing system. This naturally improves safety, but it also enhances user comfort and convenience.

In addition to their durability and innovative, user-friendly design, the valves and spindles in the Temptrol system are also plumber friendly and contain a Rapid Install plumbing bracket that simplifies installation.

Even replacing a Symmons TA 10 spindle is remarkably easy. Once the water supply has been shut off, open the valve to the warm/hot position, and rotate the handle counterclockwise till it stops.

Using a wrench rotate the cap assembly until you can remove the spindle assembly from the valve body and remove it. Make sure the TA 10 spindle rests securely against the T-12A cap, which ensures that the valve was open fully to the hot water position before you tried to remove the spindle (failing to do so will damage the part). Rotate the spindle counterclockwise and remove the spindle from the cap assembly.

                  Symmons TA 10

Take the new Symmons TA 10 spindle, insert it into the cap assembly and thread it all the way in, clockwise, until it rests firmly against the T-12A cap. Insert the cartridge back into the valve, tighten the cap assembly, close the valve body, and restore water supply. It’s basically as simple as that.

For a detailed breakdown on how to install or replace one of these spindles, consult the previous literature.

They’re easy to install in practically any rough-in situation but factory-installed options are also available.

Common Questions About Symmons TA 10 Spindles/Symmons Temptrol Shower Valves

Symmons also extends a high level of customer service to its clients, and many of the most common problems users experience with their valves are answered through troubleshooting and FAQs on their website. Here is a sampling of such questions and answers.

  • Can Temptrol valves that have started leaking be repaired? Temptrol valves are designed not only to be easy to install, but straightforward and easy to repair as well. In most instances, a leaking valve can be stopped by replacing the hot and cold washers. We actually sell these exact Symmons TA-9 Temptrol Washer Repair Kits right here on our website.

                           Symmons TA 10

  • The valve is only delivering hot or cold water, why isn’t it mixing? If this happens, the pressure balancing piston inside of the Symmons TA 10 spindle has probably become obstructed by debris. The obstruction can possibly be cleared by removing the spindle, or, in the case of scale, by soaking it in white vinegar. If it is not possible to clear the obstruction, the entire spindle can easily be replaced in the manner described above.
  • Why do I need to open the valve before removing the cap assembly? Failure to open the valve before removing the cap assembly and accessing the spindle can result in damage to the cap and spindle. Always do so before attempting to access the spindle for repair or replacement. And, of course, always shut off the water supply before working on any fixture.
  • How do I remove the valve trim? Removing the valve trim of a Symmons Temptrol valve is easy. Remove the plug button from the temperature control handle, then remove the handle screw and take the temperature control handle off. Then remove the two escutcheon screws, remove the dial and escutcheon, and lastly remove the dome cover by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction.

Have Questions About Symmons TA 10 Spindles or Temptrol Valves?

All in all, Temptrol valves and Symmons TA 10 replacement spindles are designed for user-friendliness, efficient performance, and ease of installation and replacement.

If you’re here because you need a new supplier of commercial plumbing parts, check out our catalog and make sure you create an account with us so when you do need to place an order, you can reap the benefits of our encyclopedic supply, competitive prices, and unrivaled service.