Behind the Enduring Success of Symmons Temptrol Commercial Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Behind the Enduring Success of Symmons Temptrol Commercial Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Mar 4th 2024

Behind every commercial shower there is a silent hero - the thermostatic mixing valve or TMV. These parts have a thankless but essential job that enables the water stream to be tempered before the point of use - ensuring comfort, but more importantly, improving safety by preventing scalds.

Among the most celebrated of commercial TMVs, the Symmons Temptrol collection, for which we offer repair parts here, is built to one of the highest standards of quality construction and ease of maintenance. Here’s what their commercial thermostatic mixing valves offer.

What the Symmons Temptrol Collection Offers

Symmons Temptrol commercial thermostatic mixing valves, and the shower components that are often installed with them, are built to a high level of standard that has been continuously improved over the years. Here’s a snapshot into what these pressure-balancing, anti-scald mixing valves and their associated systems offer.

  • Construction from solid brass, bronze, and stainless steel

Symmons Temptrol thermostatic mixing valves are made from solid brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Both solid brass and bronze are corrosion resistant, and both stand up well to non-oxidizing acids. Brass also stands up well to alkaline environments, as well as to salt. Stainless steel exhibits similar corrosion-resistant properties and is very strong. These parts are built to a high standard of quality and expected to last for many years.

  • They’re lead-free and compliant with several national standards

The installation of accredited and certified lead-free fixtures in commercial plumbing applications is of critical importance to public safety. These thermostatic mixing valves contain less than .25% lead and satisfy several standards,including NSF/ANSI 372 and NSF/ANSI 61-G. They also satisfy ASSE 1017 and CSA Standard B.125.3.

  • They’re easy to install

Symmons Temptrol thermostatic mixing valves, and the shower components that are often installed with them, are designed for ease of installation in a wide range of settings. The updated Temptrol is now configurable with a Rapid Install bracket that enables fast, seamless installation in nearly any rough-in situation, saving time and cutting costs. They’re also available with factory-installed options that are compatible with a wide range of water supply connection methods.

  • The associated components feature integral service stops

If you install a Symmons Temptrol commercial shower system or trim along with these mixing valves, you will reap the benefit of a system that has integral service stops that allow for water shutoff at the valve, streamlining maintenance procedures - no need to shut it off at the main. They also feature stainless steel check stops that prevent thermal bleed over, keeping the tempering consistent.

  • The valve is made with a quick-acting thermal motor

Symmons Temptrol systems are made with a quick acting thermal motor that responds quickly to changes in water temperature to ensure consistent tempering, ensuring both comfort and safety.

  • Replacing the cartridge is easy

Symmons Temptrol valve cartridges are low-maintenance, highly reliable, long-lasting, and most importantly, easy to replace. All you need are basic tools. The water supply can be shut off at the integrated stops, and the cartridge removed. It’s also a simple process; you may be able to simply clean the cartridge and replace or re-grease the O-rings instead of replacing the whole cartridge. This simplified maintenance protocol keeps down maintenance costs associated with these systems.

                                  Symmons Temptrol

  • Associated components are configurable with a variety of modifications

The Symmons shower fixtures, specifically the Commercial Shower Systems and Trims, installed with these systems, are configurable with a wide range of modifications that improve their value.

For one, they feature adjustable stop screws to limit the ability of a user to turn the shower handle.

These are also configurable with a variety of other value-adding features, including the addition of vandal-resistant escutcheon screws to improve their vandal-resistant design.

They are also optionally configurable without integral service stops, and with the showerhead arm and flange only, or with the handle not included, depending on how you need to configure the installation.

  • Associated components are covered by a warranty

The Commercial Shower Systems and Trim configurable with these Symmons Temptrol systems are covered by 10 year warranties in commercial settings, and even longer in residential settings, in which case they are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Temptrol Valves themselves are also covered by a warranty, for 5 years in commercial installations.

  • They’re made in the United States

Last but not least, these Symmons Temptrol systems are made with pride here in the United States at Symmons’ manufacturing facility in Braintree, Massachusetts - good news for any of you reading this that prefer to buy American.

Looking for Symmons Temptrol Repair Parts?

Here at Quality Plumbing Supply, Symmons is one of the commercial plumbing part manufacturers that we proudly represent in our catalog. We also carry official Symmons Temptrol replacement parts here - take a look at them in our online store and get in touch with us today if you have any questions before buying.