Delany Repair Parts: Signs Your Flushometers Need Repair or Replacement

Delany Repair Parts: Signs Your Flushometers Need Repair or Replacement

Mar 27th 2024

Even the most well-built flushometer system will ultimately exhibit signs of wear, necessitating repair and replacement. Delany flushometers, in fact, are built to last for a long time but you can’t expect them to last forever. You can count on a flushometer body to service your commercial restrooms for many years but not the parts inside.

You need Delany repair parts for your Delany flushometers and repair or replace your flushometers at the first sign of problems.

Here are the key signs your flushometers need repair or replacement so you can act immediately and not end up spending a fortune on repairs and dealing with a toilet disaster.

Leaking Toilet

Unfortunately, toilet cracks are easier to identify than leaks, despite the fact that they aren't always visible to the naked eye.

Leaks in toilets can go undiscovered for months. Toilets that leak waste water. So if your bill has unexpectedly increased without explanation, you could have a leak.

There are several parts of flushometers where leaks could be coming from. These parts include:

  • handle
  • tailpiece
  • vacuum breaker
  • control stop
  • flushometer cover
  • control stop

You could repair these parts but if your flushometer is old and leaking, replacing it is the most cost-effective option you have.

Continuous Flushing

Running toilets is one of the most common plumbing problems. It's very normal for water to run for a little period after you flush. It's not a good sign if water continues to flow from the tank to the bowl.

A running toilet wastes water in addition to making an annoying noise. While a running toilet may not necessitate immediate replacement, it should not be overlooked.

When the flapper valve on the toilet does not close properly, the toilet will run. Wiggling the valve will sometimes temporarily repair the seal. If the toilet begins running again, you'll probably have to replace the flapper.

While we don't recommend replacing a toilet if this is the only issue, this fix doesn't always work. The problem could be due to other broken parts. One way to know you need to replace the flushometer is if you find yourself repairing it more than once a month.

Not Flushing

If your flushometers refuse to flush, you have to look at either replacing the handle or the relief valve. If this doesn't fix the problem, unless there is an issue with your plumbing system, there is a good chance that your flushometers need replacement.

Not Enough Flush Water

When there isn't enough volume of flush water, check if the problem stems from a low water supply or low water pressure.

If the water supply is insufficient in volume or pressure, remove the entire diaphragm assembly and open the control stop to allow water to travel through the empty valve.

If the water supply is not the problem, ensure that the control stop is sufficiently open or that your flushometers have the correct components and replace them accordingly. For instance, your closet valve should have closet valve parts and not urinal parts.

If these fixes don't work, you may need to replace those parts. Be sure you use genuine Delany repair parts for Delany flushometers because not using the right components can also cause problems.

Flushing Too Long

Flushing duration can be excessive at times. The by-pass opening in the diaphragm may be obstructed, which is a common cause. Remove the diaphragm assembly, dismantle the filter rings from the diaphragm, and thoroughly rinse the diaphragm to resolve this issue. If cleaning does not solve the problem, the diaphragm assembly should be replaced.

Another reason for a long flush could be a damaged relief valve or inside cover. If this is the case, you should replace these components.

Flushing Too Short

One possibility why you have a short flush length is that the line pressure has decreased below the level required to move the valve seat. Close all control stops until the pressure is recovered, then open them again to fix the problem.

If this doesn't work, you may have to replace the diaphragm assembly or relief valve. Make sure that you choose assemblies with a flush volume required by your flushometer model.

Where to Find the Delany Repair Parts You Need

It's challenging enough to own or manage a commercial building without having to deal with toilet problems. They are costly to repair and have the potential to turn customers and tenants against you.

It pays to have Delany repair parts at the ready so you can deal with flushometer problems before they become bigger.

If you’re looking for a supplier of genuine repair and replacement parts, you’d be glad to know that we supply Delany flushometers and parts. Check out our huge selection of repair parts for your commercial restroom.

If you need assistance in deciding what flushometer parts you need, get in touch with us immediately. We’d be glad to help.