Symmons Temptrol Valves: Easier to Install, Easier to Maintain

Symmons Temptrol Valves: Easier to Install, Easier to Maintain

Mar 21st 2024

Labor costs have always been high, and they are only increasing. In recent years, there has been increased pressure for materials, too, especially for materials used in the electronics and construction sectors. Many of the materials used in electronics, for instance, such as copper, have seen steep price increases, which influences unlikely markets - like plumbing, which uses copper in pipes as well as a constituent in brass.

Whatever the case, one company, specifically, is doing a lot to help combat both labor and materials prices by designing plumbing components that are easy to install, easy to repair, and easy to replace.

Notably, Symmons, in its Temptrol series, has made great strides. Here’s what they offer in terms of ease of installation, longevity, and maintenance.

Keeping Costs Down While Improving Quality: The Best of Both Worlds

Symmons Temptrol shower valves offer a lot of value, and with that come numerous benefits. These are among the most salient.

The Symmons Temptrol is easier to install, and faster to install, too. Though it featured a simple design when it was released more than 50 years ago, they’ve updated their design with a “rapid install bracket” that reduces installation times by as much as 67%.

This “rapid install bracket” is made of heat-resistant nylon (which is also naturally corrosion-resistant and effectively maintenance free) and has a rough, pre-set depth, effectively eliminating the need to measure, enabling install times up to three times faster.

This bracket is one of the major selling points of the Temptrol valve - it is strong, lightweight, heat-resistant, and exceptionally durable, and available pre-installed, it eliminates the need to measure rough-in depth while producing a stable, secure platform for installation.

All the same, the Symmons Temptrol system is flexible. If you want to forgo the rapid install bracket and instead follow a traditional installation approach, the stringer mounts on the valve body still make it easier and simpler to install.

Piping a Symmons Temptrol valve is also a cinch, thanks to a thoughtful design that puts the inlets and outlets on a common plane - once again, simplifying the labor associated with installing and connecting the valve - and saving you and your customers money down the line.

Symmons Temptrol valves are also available pre-configured with optional factory-installed fittings that also reduce installation and piping time. Available configurations are PrePress, PEX, and CPVC fittings that make the valve “pipe ready.”

In certain settings, such as communal and institutional settings, there’s a need to install valves back to back. Once again, the Symmons Temptrol makes it easy, with a reverse seat that allows you to go straight up the riser with the same valve body. This design enables easy back-to-back installations, and eliminates the need to swap cartridges or conduct elaborate piping “maneuvers” (like criss-crossing) that can sap both resources and time.

This shower valve is also configurable with a special ProSafe Test Cap. This bronze test cap does not need to be removed when sweating copper; it can stay on the valve, minimizing the time required to remove and reinstall when you need to perform pressure testing, and since you don’t need to remove it, there’s also no risk of losing it, either.

These shower valves are designed to save you money in other ways, too. For instance, they are compatible with Symmons’ VersaFlex Internal Diverters, which enable you to divert between the showerhead and a hand shower. This eliminates the need to install a secondary diverter valve and trim in these configurations.

Another way the Symmons Temptrol system saves you time and money is that it still uses the same dependable, easy to install and service Symmons TA-10 valve.

                 Symmons TA 10

The Symmons TA 10: Easy to Install, Designed to Last

The Symmons TA-10 is just one integral feature of the Temptrol system, but even the small parts converge here to add value.

For one thing, it is made with solid, semi-red brass - not yellow brass - which resists dezincification, the process by which brass naturally sheds zinc and leaves only copper behind. In some instances, mild dezincification only causes a cosmetic color shift in the affected part; but severe zinc loss can accelerate corrosion and cause pitting in the copper that remains behind.

Adding to this, the Symmons TA-10 is also made with a stainless steel piston, which, like the semi-red brass of the valve construction, is corrosion-resistant, fairly chemically stable, and long-lasting.

They’re also backed by a 5-year warranty (which renews every time the part is serviced) and designed to last a lifetime, but are easy to replace, should that ever become necessary.

One more thing to love about the Symmons TA-10 valve: it’s made in America, at Symmons’ Braintree, Massachusetts factory, and each one produced is extensively pressure and water-tested before shipping.

Looking for New Official Symmons Repair Parts?

              Symmons TA 10

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