The Symmons 7-1000 TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve: By the Details

The Symmons 7-1000 TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve: By the Details

Apr 2nd 2024

Thermostatic mixing valves, also known as TMVs, are among the most vital components of plumbing architecture that have big impacts on health, safety, and comfort.

These devices maintain water temperature by blending hot and cold streams and holding the temperature at a constant.

They enable hot water holding tanks to be maintained at a level hot enough to inhibit the growth of dangerous pathogens like Legionella, while preventing scalds downstream, and of course, ensuring comfort.

As you may know, not all thermostatic mixing valves are created equal. This post will break down a system containing one type of them, the Symmons 7-1000, to the bare details.

Applications of the Symmons 7-1000 TempControl TMV

There are numerous practical applications for Symmons 7-1000 TempControl thermostatic mixing valves.

Overall, these valves are useful in any situation in which a constant flow of tempered water is necessary before distribution, and can be used for such applications in a variety of commercial and institutional settings as well as in hospitality, making them ideal for use in motels, hotels, schools, apartments, and more.

They also have specific applications in agriculture and industry; for instance, in animal husbandry, for the purpose of preparing, washing, or watering animals.

They are also highly practical in commercial settings such as car washes, as well as for laundromats or elsewhere that laundry facilities are installed.

Processing facilities, such as breweries, canneries, tanneries, distilleries, refineries, textile manufacturing, and other industries in which a consistent flow of tempered water is necessary to maintain operational output and procedural efficiencies, can make use of these systems.

They are also suitable for use in any other setting in which temperature-controlled water is necessary for effectively any use - except for emergency eyewashes and showers.

Symmons 7-1000 Features and Why They Matter

This is a highly complex, high-performance Symmons system that comes with both pressure and temperature gauge for monitoring and control. The benefit here is that this TMV maintains a constant, consistent temperature even at low draw and with low demand. Water must completely pass the thermal motor’s sensing control coil before it is discharged, ensuring precise control.

Operation range is also precise while offering a great deal of precision control between 70℉ and 150℉, and is capable of maintaining temperature within 5℉ of the hot and cold inlet temperatures. (The max hot inlet temperature is 180℉.)

The Symmons 7-1000 also automatically compensates for changing in line temperature or pressure, with fail safes to reduce distribution if there is a failure of either the hot or cold supply.

These TempControl hi-low valve and piping systems meet a variety of certifications and accreditations. They are ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125.1, ASSE 1017 and CSA B125.3 certified.

They also meet a range of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards, including 61.9 and 372.

NSF Standard 61.9 guarantees that the materials from which the fixture/parts are made do not leach dangerous contaminants, including lead, into the water. As for NSF Standard 372, that is also an assurance that the fixture and parts contain low levels of lead.

These Symmons 7-1000 thermostatic mixing valves are not only made with lead-free components and materials; they are expressly made with bronze, brass, and stainless steel components.

These alloys are not only mechanically strong and highly durable, but highly resistant to corrosion, which ensures greater valve lifespan and lower associated maintenance costs.

They are also designed with a high-performance thermal motor that rapidly and automatically adjusts to changes in input water temperature before discharging it. Moreover, the system is designed to be user-friendly, enabling adjustments within 5℉ of temperature up to 150℉.

The whole system is backwards compatible with parts with select Symmons predecessors. This streamlines maintenance and repairs for work crews, while also lowering associated costs. For instance, not only the Symmons 7-1000, but all Symmons 7-series TMVs cartridge and repair parts are interchangeable with both Symmons 5 and 6 series models.

The design of the system is user/operator-friendly in other ways as well. For instance, the design features a cartridge that can be easily removed from the fixture without having to remove the entire unit.

The entire cartridge unit can be removed in mere moments for inspection, cleaning, or, if necessary, replacement, and, as stated, the 7-series can accept cartridges from predecessors in the 5 and 6 series.

These systems are also compatible with Symmons’ TempControl High Temperature Alarm Systems that monitor water discharge temperatures in real time and provide audible and visible alerts to those nearby if a dangerous condition arises that exceeds set points.

These alarm systems feature programmable electronic modules with three operational modes, for normal operation, caution, and alarm (shutdown).

As a bonus to commercial plumbers (and the customers that would install these systems), all Symmons 7-1000 systems are factory installed and tested prior to distribution, so you can invest in confidence in Symmons plumbing parts, which have led the industry for quality for nearly 100 years.

As for the TempControl Hi-Low Systems, each controller used in the system contains a removable cartridge with a stainless steel piston, thermal motor, and “Turbulator.” The entire valve control mechanism is contained within a replaceable cartridge that minimizes downtime when the unit needs to be serviced.

In all of this, you can buy with peace of mind as a result of Symmons’ new, industry-leading 10-year commercial warranty. They guarantee quality, performance, and extend top-tier customer service. Symmons delivers, and if not, their promise is to “make things right.”

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