Delany Plumbing Parts: Creating Water Efficient Restrooms With Delany Flushometers

Delany Plumbing Parts: Creating Water Efficient Restrooms With Delany Flushometers

Mar 15th 2022

Delany plumbing fixtures and Delany plumbing parts are some of the top choices for commercial restroom fixtures, as well as repair and replacement parts. If you’re looking to switch to water-efficient restrooms, consider getting Delany products.

Delany supports water-efficient plumbing fixtures and they are committed to designing products that maximize water savings.

There are several Delany plumbing fixtures that can improve efficiency in your restroom. We have discussed some of those below.

Water Closet Toilet and Urinal Flush Systems
Enhancing efficiency in restrooms starts with understanding your current fixtures. Maintenance and engineering managers can utilize the results of a water audit or a less formal fixture inventory to make more informed judgments about which technologies to specify when upgrading their facilities' plumbing systems.

Check to see if your current toilet or urinal flushing systems have water efficiency features and consider upgrading to flushometers if they aren’t enough or don’t have any at all.

Flushometers are known for their water efficiency. They are unlike traditional toilets with large water tanks that waste a lot of water to flush down solid and liquid wastes. In certain cases, a large portion of the water flushed is not even utilized, making them incredibly inefficient, wasting not just water resources but also money.

Because flushometers do not use a water tank to flush the contents of toilet bowls, they help you save a significant amount of water, enough to lower your utility expenses.

In addition to conserving resources, flushometers need little time to recover or refill water for its next flushing. They can also be activated instantaneously by using a lever, button, or motion sensor.

Flushometers are also ideal for commercial restrooms with limited space because they don't have large water tanks.

Delany Flushometer Parts and Key Features
Delany assures customers of three things in their products: quality, dependability, and beauty. Their innovative and efficient products also share simplicity in design and the following key features that differentiate their products from others.

The Regulating Screw. Allows the discharge to be fine-tuned when the circumstances are less than ideal, ultimately providing true water conservation.

The Mashaerator. Self-cleaning bypass that deflects debris away while also helping to prevent hard water build-up.

Replaceable Main Valve Seat. Offers the most cost-effective solution in cases of wire draw, which means there will be no need to replace the entire valve.

The Rubberflex Handle Assembly. This has a leak-free seal made from chloramine-resistant materials.

Fewer Moving Parts and No Springs. This means that Delany products have less chance of breaking down, making them more effective to maintain.

USA-Made Solenoid and Long-Lasting Lithium Battery. Save on constant battery replacement.

Delany Flushometers
There are two basic types of flush valves: piston and diaphragm.

The piston has molded cup (or piston) valves between its high-pressure and low-pressure chambers, while the diaphragm has rubber diaphragm valves in between.

Delany has piston and diaphragm models and all of them boast water conservation features.

This is a diaphragm flush valve that provides high water conservation and is designed for optimum flushing performance in all field conditions.

This is a sensor-operated hands-free valve for toilets and urinals. TrueSense makes use of cutting-edge sensor technology and is available in both hardwired and battery-powered variants.

TrueSense uses Delany's Flushboy Ultra technology. The Ultra has a compact upper chamber for improved performance, as well as other Delany's key features such as the Main Valve Seat and the Regulation Screw, which make it a water-efficient flushometer.

It is available in plug-in transformer power, hardwired transformer power, and battery version power.

Pulsar models are easy to install and service, and are the most reliable flush valves for closet toilets and urinals.

Pulsar has minimal internal parts so they don't break down easily and you can expect them to last for a long time. You can buy Pulsar flushometers as a complete assembly or as a retro-fit kit.

The Empire is Delany's piston flushometer. It has all the features that make Delany's flush valves remarkable.

It has a leak-free Rubberflex Handle assembly, a self-cleaning bypass, a solid brass piston cartridge that prevents corrosion and hard water build-up, and more.

When you’re ready to upgrade your commercial restrooms to make them more efficient and cost-effective, consider Delany plumbing parts and fixtures.

With Delany products, facility managers and decision-makers of commercial restrooms tasked with developing and maintaining efficient and sustainable restrooms can save money and water.

Get Genuine Delany Plumbing Parts from Quality Plumbing Supply
Proper selection of new fixtures for renovation and new construction is important if you want to improve your restroom's efficiency, reduce water bills, and limit maintenance needs. So if you’re looking for fixtures and parts that conserve water, you can start with toilet flushing systems and you can start with Delany flushometers.

Delany flush valve parts are also easy to look for. Here at Quality Plumbing Supply, we stock Delany parts for commercial plumbing systems. Check out our huge inventory and contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. We’d be glad to help.