What Commercial Plumbing Equipment Should Come with a Flushometer Repair Kit?

What Commercial Plumbing Equipment Should Come with a Flushometer Repair Kit?

Mar 4th 2024

If you know exactly what you need to fix on a given flushometer, finding and buying the parts for repair is not going to be the hardest part of the job. Leveraging your skills to make the repair will be the most vital asset.

That being said, if you’ve not yet diagnosed the issue, coming up with a provider that can offer you a full range of commercial plumbing equipment including compatible components or even a flushometer repair kit with multiple parts can save you a lot of trouble.

Your job is not to scratch your head about where to get repair kits and parts. It’s to be the subject matter expert and make the repairs themselves. Here’s what you can expect to find in our collection of flushometer repair kits and flushometer repair parts kits.

Flushometer Repair Kits: By the Components
Whether you buy a complete flushometer repair kit or buy the parts for repairs piecemeal, you still need to have access to the necessary parts for repairs and rebuild kits.

●Diaphragm kits
If you’re working with a diaphragm flushometer, there are a variety of factors that can impact its functionality. For example, dirt or debris can get stuck under the diaphragm, which can compromise the seal and keep the flushometer continuously running. Hard water and other factors can also degrade a diaphragm over time, necessitating replacement. Sometimes, only the diaphragm needs to be replaced and not the entire fixture.

●Coupling kits
If a flushometer’s coupling will not stop leaking even after replacing the washer, the entire coupling assembly may need to be replaced. Select a coupling assembly that fits the flushometer in question or get in touch with us here at 1-833-251-4591 and we’ll help you out.

Piston-operated flush valves that do not flush or do not flush properly may either have the wrong piston installed or have a worn-down piston lip seal. In either case, the piston may need to be replaced, and since a flushometer’s piston is likely to be model specific, you need to be prepared with the right pistons and parts for repairs.

Flushometer covers can leak when not affixed or sealed properly, and moreover, the cover may need to be removed in order to service the flushometer. If the cover is leaking, you may need to replace the entire cover or just replace the internal cover gasket. In any of these cases, having the right commercial plumbing equipment makes all of the difference.

Flushometer handles and handle repair kits
Since it is a moving part that can be subject to abuse, flushometer handles can wear down and leak over time, hindering the operability of a flushometer. Whether you need a complete handle assembly or just an internal part, we have what you need to make the repair.

Electronic components
Many hands-free and remote-sensor flushing devices improve hygiene in public spaces and improve the user experience, but that comes at a price. Electronic components are sensitive and rely on power in order to function. Be prepared to make repairs of internal electronics with our collection of electronic flushometer components.

Flushometer bodies, supply stops, and fittings
If a portion of the flushometer body is broken but the internals remain undamaged, you may simply need to replace a component of the flushometer body. We carry both the external and internal parts for repair.

Flushometer tools
You can be prepared with all of the necessary parts from a flushometer repair kit but it won’t matter if you don’t have the tools you need to actually make the fix. We carry strap wrenches, box wrenches, wrench tail removal tools, and even pointed socket wrenches.

Manufacturer-specific parts - call us to be sure
Never gamble with flushometer parts, since, like all complex equipment, parts are often manufacturer and model-specific. We carry parts for top brands including but not limited to Sloan valves and flushometers, Delany Gerber, and Toto flushometers, in addition to countless other brands.

How to Tell is a Flushometer Needs Service

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Many flushometers are remarkably tough and some are easy to service, but they still need attention from time to time. These are some of the most commonly encountered issues.

Flushometer or flush valve leaking
A leaking flush valve may be caused by a variety of factors and can also leak at multiple points, including the handle, the cover, the tailpiece, the control stop or the vacuum breaker. In any instance, we have the commercial plumbing equipment needed to make these repairs.

Flushometer makes noises at shutoff
Noises at shutoff can be caused by a worn down piston lip seal or even loose internal components. Sometimes tightening fittings can rectify the issue; in other instances you’ll need to replace parts.

Flushometer continuously runs
If the flushometer will not stop running, you likely have either a problem with the line pressure (which cannot be remedied by replacing a part) or an issue with the diaphragm. Either the diaphragm is obstructed or degraded; in either case, it must be either cleaned or replaced.

Flushometer does not flush at all
There are also several reasons that a flushometer will not flush at all. It may be caused by inadequate line pressure, but it may also be caused by a worn piston lip seal or because the wrong piston was installed in the first place. In the case of dual-filtered diaphragms, it’s also possible that the cover has not been tightened properly and needed to be tightened or replaced.

Commercial Plumbing Equipment and Plumbing Supplies from Top Brands
Here at Quality Plumbing Supply, we carry the commercial plumbing equipment you need, including but not limited to flushometer repair kits and the parts themselves. Whether you’re specifically looking for Sloan regal flushometer parts, a vacuum breaker repair kit or valve parts for another manufacturer’s flushometer, get in touch with us at 1-833-251-4591 and we’ll help you find it.