What Makes Prier Parts So Popular Among Contractors?

What Makes Prier Parts So Popular Among Contractors?

Mar 27th 2024

Nobody can deny that the history of Prier Products is the epitome of the American Dream. Today, it is among the most recognized brands in the plumbing industry but, as frequently happens, the company had very humble beginnings.

Anton Prier, a German immigrant that came to our country with nothing more than his wits, opened a small foundry in 1881. Prier specialized in brass pieces, and it soon became highly regarded for his coach lanterns, plaques, and various household goods.

Since then, the company went through many trying times. The twentieth century brought with it many challenges that tested Prier´s tenacity and resolve.

The company suffered heavy losses caused by floods in the industrial district. Many businesses were forced to close due to the damages. But the company knew that Prier parts were needed across the country. Consequently, they decided to relocate to higher ground and continue operating, always finding new niches for their brass products.

During the worst military conflicts in the history of our country, The US government started to turn to the private sector for help. They knew that only real experts in the metallurgy trade could provide quality products efficiently and without fail.

By 1946, virtually the whole country dedicated its undivided attention to the war effort. The Second World War created new challenges for engineers at the time, especially for the US Navy operating at temperatures that would render essential infrastructure useless. It was this year when Prier introduced their reliable freezeless faucet and became an important supplier in the war efforts.

The '50s brought even more challenges. The Korean War put immense pressure on the heavy industry, and Prier considered they were ready to take the next step. They expanded their location and redirected efforts to create heavy brass Prier parts for diverse applications. The brand became solidified and synonymous with quality and reliability.

With the turn of the century, Prier introduced additional lines that consolidated its position in the plumbing market. Their hot and cold wall hydrants are now a staple in the industry, and the demand for the product rose to the point of straining production lines. In 2007, the company saw it necessary to acquire a facility that was already equipped to increase brass production and could immediately cover the high demand for Prier parts. Mansfield Plumbing was ready to let its brass division go and Prier decided to acquire it to expand production and meet the growing demand.

Today, Prier proudly produces its high-quality parts in four different facilities in Kansas, taking a lot of pride in manufacturing 100% American products.

Here are some of the Prier parts you can find on our website:

Residential Hydrants
Prier residential hydrants are known for being extremely durable. They are made of heavy brass, and they manufacture them to virtually any length due to their stem being tightly secured at both ends of the valve. They also offer eight different models that adapt to almost any condition. We haven't found any problems associated with these sturdy hydrants, not even noise underflow. They offer a non-freeze valve that provides water all year round, giving you access to a yard hydrant for many different purposes. The most common locations for these are farms, campgrounds, and rural residences.

Prier residential hydrants are made with durability in mind and they allow landowners to extend their access to water even to remote locations no matter the temperature. This not only makes irrigation more convenient but also saves owners time as they don't have to lug water around to water their animals.

Campgrounds also benefit from residential hydrants as they provide added convenience for visitors who need easy access to water. Rural residences usually need high-quality and sturdy residential hydrants to extend the service to other buildings and structures besides the main house.

Commercial Hydrants
Prier commercial hydrants are even sturdier to accommodate more demanding environments and rough use. They recently expanded their already hefty collection of commercial products with a new line of roof hydrants. They have introduced several important innovations and features that make them a favorite among contractors and engineers who want to provide superior durability and prevent headaches down the road.

Hydrants provide easy ways to extract water from distribution systems in the event of a fire. This means that they must be extremely reliable and durable, but also offer standard connections for hydrant wrenches and easy attachment to fire trucks or high capacity hoses.

Prier Bibbs And Sillcocks
Sillcocks, bibbs, or outdoor faucets are now ubiquitous. Every building has one of these sticking out of the exterior wall, making landscaping easier. They also have an essential function for winterization purposes. If you have ever checked the kitchen undersink or your bathroom walls, you might have noticed a valve that comes off the cold pipe. Right before the freezing temperatures arrive, you should close that valve, and open the outdoor bibb to make sure your pipes are empty. If exterior pipes are not emptied, they might burst when winter comes.

The angular water flow of bibbs and sillcocks changes the tensile forces that can potentially cause hose kinks and provide a more solid anchorage for your hoses. Prier sillcocks and bibbs are made of strong cast brass which provides extra durability. Some of their models are also made with satin nickel plating or polished chrome, which makes them ideal for an inside installation. They also offer vandal-proof stem caps that effectively prevent unauthorized access to your precious water. They also have an anti-corrosion treatment to reduce the risk of having your hose connector fused to the sillcock due to galvanic corrosion. We still recommend disconnecting the hose after every use, it's just good practice and helps keep your appliances and infrastructure in good condition.

If you want to learn more about Prier parts or want to find the best deal for your next project, browse through our collection of high-quality plumbing supplies or contact our friendly staff today.