Prier P-754M10 10" Heavy Commercial Hot & Cold Wall Hydrant

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Manufacturer Part Number:
Satin Nickel Plated
10 in.
Inlet Style:
3/4" MPT
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Genuine Prier P-754M10 10" Heavy Commercial Hot & Cold Wall Hydrant.

  • Single control temperature dial
  • High flow rate, 19 gallons per minute at 25 PSI differential
  • Heavy pattern cast brass hydrant for use with or without brass or aluminum
  • Satin nickel plated body retains original finish for years
  • Heavy duty brass piping, significantly stronger than ordinary copper tubing, with threaded and sealed joints
  • Simple, robust design and solid non-ferrous operating rod for long wear life
  • Patented PRIER “triple seal” positive shutoff system offers triple redundancy to assure shutoff
  • Patented PRIER quick opening and modulating design require less force and fewer turns to operate
  • 3/4” hose threads meet ASSE 1019 or1052 & CSA B64.2 standards, listed at ASSE, CSA & IAPMO
  • Multiple vent holes ensure proper draining and reduce problems associated with insect nesting
  • Design enables valve to be easily secured to any type of inner wall, utilizing integral 3/8-16” lugs
  • Field testable as required by ASSE 1052, pressure rated to 125 PSI
  • 4 mounting holes on valve’s backplate for an even and secure installation without a hydrant box
  • Check valves to prevent inlet cross-contamination
  • Maintenance is serviceable from the front of the valve without dismantling installation
  • PVC pipe included to protect temperature control shaft

Quality Plumbing Supply is a proud distributor of Prier products. This  is a direct replacement manufactured by Prier. Order this Prier P-754M10 10" Heavy Commercial Hot & Cold Wall Hydrant today. Most orders usually ship the same day and we offer free shipping for orders over $99!

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P-754 Spec Sheet

Prier P-754 provides a year round source of tempered water to areas of structures that are subject to freezing temperatures. The hydrant valve is connected to the supply piping in the heated portion of the structure, eliminating the possibility of freezing. To assure freeze protection, the hydrant will drain even with the hose attached and under pressure. The integral vacuum breaker/backflow preventer provides protection against cross-connection with the potable water system, utilizing a check valve to prevent back pressure and a vacuum breaker to vent in the case of siphonage. A removable operating key is provided to prevent unauthorized usage of the hydrant. No special installation tools are required.

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P-754 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Sheet

The Prier P-754 Hot & Cold Commercial Wall Hydrant is the finest quality commercial hydrant available. Your P-754 will provide you years of dependable service with little or no maintenance.

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