Concealed Flushometers: What You Need to Know

Concealed Flushometers: What You Need to Know

Oct 14th 2022

Modern, sleek, and every bit stylish: those are the words that come to mind when one thinks about and sees— or rather, not see concealed flushometers.

Of course, few people will actually know what to call it, but if you’re going for that look, we carry all kinds of flushometers from different manufacturers, so take your pick.

If you just need more information and you’re not quite ready to buy yet, we offer you this article so you can make better purchase decisions.

Let’s start with what a flushometer is.

Is Flushometer Different From Flush Valve?

Yes and no. They have different components and design characteristics but they function in much the same way. The function is so similar that what’s only immediately obvious is that flushometers have no water storage tank while flush valves have bulky cisterns that store the water. 

For those who don’t know what a flush valve is, it’s that device inside the toilet water tank that moves the water into the bowl when you flush.

A flush valve inside the toilet water tank is not a concealed flushometer nor is it a concealed toilet cistern. We’ll talk more about that later.

First, let’s draw a thicker line between a flushometer and a flush valve to better appreciate concealed flushometers.

Flushometer vs Flush Valve

A flushometer is a toilet flushing system typically used in public restrooms. Again, it is tankless and what you’ll only see is the flushometer itself on top of the toilet bowl.

A flush valve is what people normally use at home. The one with a cistern or water tank on top of the bowl.

A flushometer uses water pressure to flush down the contents of the bowl while a flush valve relies on gravity for flushing.

The biggest advantage of flush valves over flushometers is that they’re generally easier to repair or replace than flushometers.

The main advantage of flushometers, on the other hand, is that they use less water for flushing than flush valves do.

It only uses a single flush to bring waste down into the sewage system and it discharges a metered amount of water.

Flushometers cleanse the bowl with a lower volume but a high-pressure stream of water, giving you lots of savings in water and in your pocket.

You don’t get that with flush valves. Most flush valve toilets, especially the old ones, use as much as 7 gallons per flush. A flushometer, on the other hand only uses the federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush.

A flushometer is ideal for commercial settings and restrooms with high traffic because there is no refilling time between flushes. You can flush almost immediately after the previous flush, which makes it perfect for public restrooms.

You can certainly use it for your home especially if you’re keen on its water-saving features. However, you should check with a professional plumber first as not all home plumbing systems can support flushometers and the kind of water pressure required for them to work.

Concealed Flushometer vs Concealed Toilet Cistern

Now that it’s clear what flushing system is used in a flushometer and in a flush valve, it should also be clear that a hidden flushometer is different from a hidden toilet cistern.

A hidden toilet cistern will still have a water storage tank concealed behind the walls, while hidden flushometers won’t.

Aesthetic-wise, both can give you the same sharp look, but only flushometers can help you conserve water for the environment and give you lots of savings in water expenses.

Best Features

If you’re a designer, engineer, or project manager of commercial constructions, a concealed toilet system using flushometer technology is worth considering.

With flushometers, you don’t need rear access to plumbing chase, so you’re left with a bigger space you can use for something else or perhaps space to install additional toilets.

Installation and maintenance are also easier with the flushometer easily accessible through the front plate.

This technology will provide your next commercial restroom project with a modern minimalist look loaded with cool features like clean valve and body design, and button press or sensor-activated flush feature.

These features make restrooms

  • Spacious
  • Trendy and classy
  • Very sanitary and hygienic. If it’s sensor activated, no physical contact will be made by the user.
  • Easier to clean. Without physical contact from users and with no other visible parts to clean, you’ll save on cleaning and maintenance expenses.

Also, let’s not forget that with flushometers, you’ll also be saving water and water expenses.

Where to Buy?

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If you need more information about flushometers and other plumbing supplies, contact us, and one of our representatives will be happy to give you all the information you need.

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