Make Your Commercial Restrooms Pandemic Proof with Electronic Flushometers

Make Your Commercial Restrooms Pandemic Proof with Electronic Flushometers

Mar 5th 2022

Hands-free operations are the new norm in public restrooms. With the pandemic far from over, reducing the spread of germs and pathogens should be every building owner’s number one priority. That’s where electronic flushometers can help.

As America and the world grapple with the effects of the pandemic, COVID continues to underscore our shortcomings and vulnerabilities in public spaces.

To prepare for the next big crisis and possibly more surges from the current one, you should address critical flaws and provide touchless features in your establishment’s or building’s washroom facilities.

This article discusses the significance of having touchless plumbing fixtures and what you can do to make your washrooms pandemic-proof.

Touchless Features Are a Must
A survey by The Harris Poll showed that even while Americans are eager to put behind them the pandemic, they intend to continue a pandemic level of hygienic practices, and 48% would like building operators and their employers to institute hands-free restrooms features.

Concerns about germs are at a high level and your visitors prefer touchless features and cleanliness in washrooms.

Leave a positive impression of your building or establishment by getting hands-free fixtures like automatic flushometers.

What Are Flushometers
For those who don’t know what flushometers are, flushometers are commercial flush valves. This is the device responsible for releasing water into the toilet bowl every time you flush.

Flushometers, unlike residential flush valves that rely on water and gravity to flush wastes, use water pressure and a metered amount of water to flush down solid and liquid wastes.

Because it only uses a small amount of water (thereby saving water resources and costs of operation) flushometers are most sought-after in commercial and industrial settings where restroom traffic is always high.

Flushometer handles typically can be found on top of the toilet or the urinal. You flush by pressing the handle down.

When flushometers are automatic or electronic, they are sensor-activated and you don’t have to touch anything for the toilet or urinal to flush.

So automatic flushometers eliminate the use of hands and contact with surfaces in a restroom. They support hands-free solutions for a pandemic-proof commercial toilet.

Electronic Flushometers
Automatic flushometers gained popularity because they save water and energy and because they are more eco-friendly than other types of flush valves.

However today, they are becoming even more in demand because they offer zero surface-contact restroom solutions.

Automatic flushometers use sensors that sense when the toilet bowl is filled with water and shut it off automatically. This helps save power and water usage, with the additional benefit of a hands-free operation that trends in washrooms are seeing these days.

Be post-pandemic ready and help curb the spread of disease-causing germs and viruses by installing automatic flushing mechanisms in your toilets.

How Do Electronic Flush Valves Work?
The flushometer is a self-closing valve with an automatic timing system. It has a lower and upper cavity and the water pressure in both the top and lower cavities is equal when no one is flushing.

Because of the equal pressure, the flexible valve closes snugly in between the two cavities. When the handle is pressed, the pressure decreases and the safety valve opens and discharges water from the upper cavity.

The flushing process continues until the pressure in the system equalizes.

In electronic flush valves, flush activation is triggered by the loss of body heat and the detection of motion.

In a Sloan flushometer, when a user sits down onto the toilet seat or stands in front of a urinal, the infrared detects the body heat.

When the user walks away, the infrared detects loss of body heat and activates flushing.

Retrofit Flushometers
If you wish to upgrade—and you should!— your manual flushometers to an automatic flush, you can.

For instance, Sloan, one of the best brands for flushometers, offers retrofits for manual flushometers so you can upgrade fast and economically.

Retrofit flushometers make it easy to convert a manual flushometer to a sensor-operated flushometer.

Like electronic flush valves, retrofit kits reduce contact points in the restroom cubicle and contribute to making your restrooms pandemic-proof.

Get Repair and Replacement Parts for Flushometers
Don’t let your investments go down the toilet! In a post-pandemic world, touch-free fixtures will be the gold standard in hygienic washroom solutions.

If you want to move along with the times, start remodeling your restroom and upgrading, if you haven’t yet, to sensor-operated toilets so you can please picky patrons in your commercial establishment or employees in your office building.

Need repair and replacement parts for electronic flushometers? Check out our huge selection of commercial flush valves from some of the biggest names in the industry.

We also proudly carry other commercial plumbing parts and fixtures from your favorite manufacturers. Contact us for bulk orders or for any questions you might have.